How to Survive a Cut Throat Workplace

The world of work can be a challenging one at the best of times and it’s not unusual to feel as if you are in a continuously competing for survival of the fittest. 

To combat those feelings and embrace your workplace with optimism, view these tips below on how to survive a cut-throat workplace...

Keep your skills up to date

Keeping your skills fresh and updated ensures better survival in a competitive workplace. Staying on top of the game means keeping afloat of the latest technology, having a sharp awareness of what’s currently happening in the media and above all, being attentive to the short and long term happenings in the workplace.

Take initiative

Not sure what steps to take when half way through a project? Use your initiative instead of running straight to your manager. Is there a list of tasks pending that no one else wants to touch? Volunteer to do them.

By grabbing opportunities as and when they arise, your manager will perceive you as someone who is not afraid to get stuck in, even if the task at hand is an unpleasant one. Your survival will ultimately be extended in the process...

Avoid office gossip

Office gossip belittles people, hurts others’ feelings and achieves absolutely nothing. Stay away from office gossip because if you start to get involved, you will find yourself spiralling deeper and deeper into it and will ultimately wind up in trouble.

Your mission is to survive in a difficult working environment so by staying out of trouble, your working day will be that much easier.

Have a contingency plan

Have the ability to think on your toes, to be spontaneous and worm your way out of a difficult situation. This will help you to secure your position in the workplace over and above the average Joe.

Always go the extra mile


Be passionate about what you do, putting in 100% into every single task, project and activity that you are assigned. Go the extra mile to get noticed by your superiors so that you can be acknowledged as a reliable, dependable and dedicated employee. 




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