How to Survive Company Socials

Getting to know your colleagues is a valuable use of extracurricular time, especially if it’s paid for by somebody else!  There are many types of social events that your employer will organise and many traps to fall into.  Here is an emergency guide on how to survive the different types of events.  Follow these tips to emerge out of the danger zone unscathed.   

Spontaneous Evenings Out (Not Organised by Work).

There are several problem areas with these, one of which is that you have to pay for yourself.   However, if you have had a bad day at work, letting go over a drink or too can be quite satisfying.  Misery Loves Company, so drowning your work related sorrows with colleagues can be cathartic. However beware of the trappings of complaining too much.  After all what you say in front of work mates might not be treated as confidential, and your complaints about your boss could soon find their way back to them.  What happens at the bar doesn’t necessarily stay at the bar.   

Organised and Paid for Nights

Incentive to work hard, regular meet ups or formal events all of them can be both fun and risky.  Formal events risk fashion faux pas – how dressy is dressy?  How much should you drink on the company tab?  They might be a reason you beat your targets but company paid for nights can be fraught with danger!  If you get too drunk you could be the talk around the water cooler, company photos of your bad behaviour could circulate the office.  If this is the case, you don’t have much choice but to face the music and bear the gossip and ridicule.  Avoid embarrassing yourself in the first place!  Despite free drinks, keep an eye on how much you drink.  Limit the crazy fashion ideas you have and err on the side of a bit more conservative, after all you still have to work with these people! 

Company Paid Vacations

Fun or dangerous?  Enjoyable or a need for damage control?  Instead of being with your colleagues for specific hours, you are spending the whole day with them in a closed environment.  A lot can go wrong, privacy is limited and you run the risk of embarrassing yourself at some point.  That being said, it’s a free holiday!  Jump on in, take the risk, enjoy the free sunshine but don’t exceed your limits. 

Prize Giving Nights

This is a chance for your work (that is colleagues and boss) to celebrate your work.  In other words, it is an opportunity  for the extra things you do to be recognized.  You might not get a pay rise any time soon but at least you know that the work you’ve done has been appreciated.  So how could it go wrong?  Well it’s all down to the familiar friend alcohol.  Once again this kind of social event usually comes with a company tab, and a company tab means temptation to drink too much.  Once again you risk being a fool and once again your antics will be caught on a company camera, or remembered by those who were designated drivers.  


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