How to Survive Summer at The Office

We all look forward to a long, hot summer after a long, freezing cold winter. We dream of beach days and swimsuits and ice cream. Then reality sets in and we realize it’s super hot -not to mention humid- and we are spending our days in an air-conditioned office instead of lying by a pool reading and drinking lemonade. But you can still have an enjoyable summer even when you’re stuck inside. Here are 8 ways to survive summer at the office.

1. Drink Interesting Water

Why drink plain old h20 when you spruce it up? Add a variety of fruit to your water, from strawberries to blackberries to orange slices, and spice it up with herbs like mint and basil. You will never find water boring again. You can also add a touch of honey or maple syrup if you want it sweeter, and you can be glad that it’s still healthier than drinking soda.

2. Drink Unsweetened Iced Tea

So it’s hot, the office A/C is broken this week and you’re sweating like crazy. Plain or even flavored water just won’t cut it. Make your own iced tea and skip the usual suspects. Instead of green or black tea, buy some interesting fruit blends like peach or raspberry, or try vanilla tea, and put it on ice. You will be hydrated and happy in no time.

3. Have a Lunchtime Picnic

Grab a few co-workers and find a nearby park. It’s time for a lunch break that will be way more fun than just eating in the conference room. It’s time for a picnic lunch. This will shake up your usual lunch routine and it will give you something to look forward to all morning long. And as a bonus, you will all feel like you’re doing something summery, even if you do have to get back to the office 30 minutes later.

4. Host a Weekly Office Potluck

Potlucks are fun since you don’t have to prepare everything, only one dish. Make this an office tradition and have everyone bring a summertime meal. You can even have a BBQ-themed potluck and enjoy hamburgers, potato chips, potato salad and coleslaw - all the usuals. If you bring the sunshine inside, you will all be feeling the summer spirit.

5. Wear Bright Colors

It’s amazing how clothes can make you feel instantly better. Buy a few brightly colored dresses and wear a new one every day.

6. Eat a Lot of Summertime Produce

Peaches. Tomatoes. These are only a few of the produce gems that are easily found at farmer’s markets or your local supermarket during the summer months. Transform your work lunches by enjoying the best fruit and veggies that summer has to offer. Bring a tomato salad for lunch or add some sliced peaches to your usual chicken salad.

7. Plan a Few After-Work Patio Dates

It helps to have something fun and summery to look forward to, no matter how much you enjoy your job. Make the effort to plan patio drinks with friends or even coworkers at least a few times a month.

8. Listen to Pop Songs

Make Taylor Swift and Katy Perry your work soundtrack and the hours will fly by. Pop music is energizing and it could even make you more productive since you will immediately be in a better mood.

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Feeling the heat this summer season? Check out these 8 tips for how to survive summer at the office, and you won’t feel too sorry for yourself.