How to Survive the Christmas Holidays Being Unemployed

The end of the year is a bad time to lose your income especially with all the pressure to spend money on gifts, holidays and parties. While you’re struggling to stay afloat and may have even gone on a ‘financial diet’, everyone around you is upbeat with the Christmas merriment. This, however, should not frustrate you as there are a few things you can do to wade you through the festive season.

It is fine to be ‘down-in-the-dumpity’

Even with the mandatory good cheer that Christmas is supposed to have and bring, know that is it all right not to be as jubilant as your friends and family. This may also mean having to let any high expectations of the holidays go. Once you have acknowledged these things, you’ll be able to make holiday spending decisions much more soberly which is necessary under the circumstances.

‘Fake it till you make it’

Just because you are down-hearted does not mean that you cannot put on a smile or a happy face for the people around you, especially for the sake of keeping with the general spirit. You should continue to wish others a ‘happy holiday’ even if it does not really come from within. Instead, think of it as a gift coming from within you that does not cost you much, and you just could be cheered enough by this thought!

Lean on Loved Ones

You may have planned to spend the festivities away, maybe taken that holiday to a nice sunny location, but under the financial constraints of unemployment, you’re unable to do so. However, Christmas is a good time to surround yourself with the warmth of the people who truly matter. They are guaranteed to bring you joy and offer you support through trying times. Family and close friends also keep you occupied as you help them plan for activities, such as parties and gatherings, without the undue pressure of spending much money.

Spoil yourself but don’t Overspend

The festivities may be a time for indulgence, but remember to take into account your personal circumstances. Appreciate yourself for getting through the year by buying yourself that one small thing you have been eyeing every time you walk past the window of your favorite store. Nevertheless, resist the urge to ‘shop till you drop’, or the temptation to follow the sign posted on shop windows telling you that ‘retail therapy is good for you’.

Keep Looking

One of the most interesting things about the year-end is that most companies are in a position to hire due to the overwhelming amount of work the festivities bring. Be that extra pair of hands and make some extra money to take care of yourself during the season. Remember, even if you’re there on a temporary basis to help the organization through the holiday, make yourself invaluable so that your contribution is recognized. That job might just be what changes your prospects for the New Year!


Don’t allow yourself to have a blue Christmas. You can still face the festivities without too much pressure on yourself. Happy Holidays!

Image Source: Telegraph