How to Survive the Waiting Game After an Interview

Waiting is torturous thing, the ambiguity is crushing, the self-doubt comes quick and heavy and time seems to slow down to a crawl. I understand you are anxious about that interview you had, but checking your phone every five minutes for an email, its turning into an unhealthy obsession. But how can you survive the post-interview waiting game?

1. The Best Way

The best way not to obsess is not to worry, if you did everything within your power including preparing for the interview, researching the company and its corporate culture and answered the questions honestly, then you are basically just playing a numbers game. You can’t control anything beyond the things I mentioned, so why bother worrying. I know this sounds like some new age philosophy crap, but think about it for a second…and stop biting your nails its driving me crazy.

2. Distraction

The worst thing to do when you’re waiting is having nothing to do, inevitably you will ruminate, start thinking of the worst case scenario and eventually crawl up in a corner and cry yourself to sleep. If you try to preoccupy your time with activities that are cognitively demanding such as playing music, solving a puzzle, reading and surprisingly playing video games your brain will be engaged so intensely that you won’t be able to think about that one stupid stupid answer you gave during the interview. Oh don’t cry I’m sorry I reminded you of that…oh come on get up off the floor, it’ll be fine.

3. Keep Looking

It’s never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket, if you’re on the job hunt and you feel like you didn’t do well in the interview, hitch up your pants, take a deep breath and keep on looking. Otherwise you’ll sit and ruminate which is dangerous in two ways: 1. It will negatively impact your motivation and 2. It could make you lock-up, two things which are detrimental to a job search. Don’t think about it as giving up on the last interview, look at it as if you are trying to maximize your opportunities. Ultimately this will also help you reevaluate the mistakes you might have made in your previous interview and avoid them during future interviews.

4. Exercise


Yes I know this sounds cliché and exercise seems to be the go to for any mental malady…but hear me out. First exercising does magnificent invisible things to your brain: it releases endorphins (those are completely legal feel good brain drugs), reduces stress (which you’ve been a subject to since you told the interviewer that yogurt is your favorite book) and can even promote brain cell regeneration. You can get all those benefits today for just a little bit of sweat!

5. Follow Up

wolf of wall street

OK so this is the worst case scenario and after a reasonable amount of time, you can always put your mind at rest by calling your potential employer and following up on the interview. Either you’ll get a straight forward “yes” or “no”, or they might even tell you that they are still reviewing the candidates. It can help put your mind at ease…kind of.

Do you have any other tips for your fellow job seekers and how they should stay sane? Let us know in the comment section below!