How to Survive Until the End of the Week

We’ve all had those weeks that seem to stretch, making you feel as though they’re 15 days long instead of 5 days. Feeling like it’s Friday, when it’s only Tuesday morning, can make you feel as though you’ll never survive. Although you may feel like you need to leave, you simply can’t.

It can feel as though you’re going to lose your mind, but there are strategies that you can follow. Don’t let the little things get you down. When it comes to larger issues, learn how to effectively resolve them. You can survive the work week, don’t let it bring you down. You may need to change your attitude, perspective, or even your career.


How to Survive Until the End of the Week

You will survive the work week, just remember some of the tips below:

Don’t Overact

There are some days that appear as though they’re meant to be ’bad days.’ A bunch of small issues occur in succession, making them more mentally draining. Each little issue on their own, may not seem like a big deal at all.

However, when your morning starts with you spilling coffee on your skirt, forgetting your lunch on the counter, and not getting tickets to see your favourite band, you can begin to feel as though the world is plotting against you.

News flash, the world has not singled you out, trying to ruin your day. Sometimes you need to take a step back, realizing that the way you feel is ridiculous. The world won’t end if you need to purchase a yogurt and sandwich from a shop.

These ’bad days,’ don’t need to start. When you look at a situation realistically, you’ll notice that you can stop a bad day from occurring. It’s all about the way you’re viewing each and every hiccup. Don’t let the small things get to you, there’s no need to overact.

Gain Perspective

If you think the past two days have dragged on, focus on your life as a whole. If something bad happened yesterday or today, realize that it’s simply a blip within your life. Everyone experiences these days, so you’re not alone. To be honest, you’ll probably have more days like this. They’re easily forgotten.

With that being said, perspective does not mean ’don’t care.’ If there was an issue at work, focus on the ways in which you can resolve the situation. You do not need to dwell on hiccups, allowing them to ruin your day, or even your week.

Focus on the positives. Do you have food each and everyday? Do you have people that love and care about you? Are you healthy? These positive aspects are what you should focus on. All the little hiccups throughout your work week won’t matter next month. Don’t moan about it, focus on ways to move forward.

Socialize with Co-Workers

When you have people that you get along with at work, miserable days can be turned into a positive experience. If you’re not fond of your job, don’t complain to everyone around you. First of all, no one else wants to hear your negative remarks. Second of all, it may push potential friendships away. No one likes to be surrounded by negativity, so stay positive.

If you have work friends, go out for lunch together mid-week. This will help break the week up. You can also make plans mid-week, making it feel as though it’s a weekend outing. You do not need to stay out late, but going to the movies or out for dinner, can help bring some enjoyment to a week that doesn’t want to end.

Look at Your Options

If you are feeling as though you need to ’survive’ each and every week, then you need to explore your options. Your current career choice is obviously not benefiting you, which is why you need to make that jump.

Save up a little money, enough to cover yourself for one to two months, then put in your notice. If you’re miserable, it’s not worth it. You can use this time to get back out into the market. Take the first few days to relax, recharging your battery.

Then, treat the job hunt like a job. Don’t apply to one or two jobs a day, then hope for the best. If you’re dedicating even five hours a day, for the course of the month, you’re bound to find a job that you enjoy.

Everyone has bad days, weeks, and even months. It’s how you handle these feelings and instances that matter. You WILL survive the work week, just make sure you’re positive. If you have repeated feelings of sadness and stress each and every week, then you may need to consider a career change.