How to Survive Your Last Day at Work

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Finally got the new job, did you? How awesome of you! Yep, you are awesomeness personified and if we are being honest here, I must say we’d all like to be in your shoes. Oh yes, new position, new boss, new workplace, new coworkers, living the dream, right? However, before you burn the last bridge connecting you to your last job you have to have one last day there. As horrifying as the idea is, you can’t just not go to work on your last day. I know, you are probably going to say why not, they can’t fire you. True, very true, however there’s this little thing called references and if you have to ensure that your boss remains one, you have to make sure not to disappoint on your last day.

The guide below will walk you through everything you need to do to survive your last day at work. Simply remember that kissing is part of the deal so pack your antiseptic gel.

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1. Hand over all your projects


You definitely don’t want to leave work and let some poor colleague of yours sink under all your deadlines and work tasks that are pending. In order to make your leaving as smooth as possible try to finish everything you can before your last day. Of course, there will be things that you can’t finish so make sure that you organize everything as much as possible and spend your last morning at work making notes for everything so that the colleague who takes over won’t get confused.

2. Wipe your computer clean

As soon as you finish with your work make sure to wipe every last evidence of your presence off your work computer. This includes signing out from every social media account you ever went on from your computer as well as any other accounts on online websites you might have. Then make sure you wipe your internet history clean and hand your computer over to the IT guys.

3. Have lunch with your work buddies

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You probably have formed some sort of club with a selected few at work so dedicate your lunch break to spending time and bonding over with these people. Consider getting take-out and make it a little shindig at work. Have a few laughs with them and don’t go all mushy. Remember that you’re bound for greatness!

4. Have an exit interview

More and more companies are now beginning to embrace the concept of an exit interview and your boss is probably going to want to spend some time with you asking you about your experience with the company. Make sure to be nice with your boss because as we’ve said earlier you never know when you might actually need him or her in the future. Point out if anything was negative because that’s the whole point of the exit interview but make sure that you keep a chirpy overall feeling.

5. Get ready to leave

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Leaving your office might not be as simple as you wished without a to-do list so I suggest that you make one- you wouldn’t want to forget your birthday mug behind, right? So, make a to-do list with everything you need to do, this will probably include handing over your key card to the office administrator or HR, maybe signing a few papers and collecting your valuables from your desk. Give away anything you don’t want to take with you and make sure to return anything that was given to you by the company.

Last days are not supposed to be pleasant so be warned that it probably won’t be. But you can make it a fun one all the same, just be relaxed and allow yourself to be more sentimental with your colleagues. Make sure that you exchange contact information with your boss as this will probably come in handy in your career later on and take the time to enjoy your last day as much as possible.