How to Survive Your Performance Review

Performance reviews are items that many people dread when they come up at their job. But if you have done your job well and you have prepared for your review, you don’t have to dread your review. Here are some tips to use when it comes to preparing for your performance review.

Make a List

Start compiling a long list of your completed projects and accomplishments so that you can exhibit them. Don’t forget anything, since even small feats can make a big difference. Give particular attention to the ways you’ve helped the company save money and time saving tactics you’ve found. Give your manager this list the week before your review so that they have time to examine it and consider feedback.

Dress Professionally

The day of your review, make sure that you’re dressed professionally.  Dress as if you are going to your job interview. You are basically selling your accomplishments and yourself to help your manager remember why they hired you to begin with,

Don’t be Defensive

It’s best not to be defensive when the meeting is going on. You are going to receive criticism and you need to be ready to accept the criticism. Don’t provide automatic excuses.  Rather, absorb what they are saying and take notes. This will show your boss that you truly care about their opinion.  If the boss says something that you don’t think is right, ask for the chance to give your own side. Ask your boss what you can do to improve and what your weakest attribute is.

Be Honest

Chances are your boss is going to ask if you’re happy.  This is the time when you should be honest, but don’t badmouth or belittle others that you work with. This is your chance to talk about something that’s related to your performance and that bothers you without hurting others.

Don’t Give Ultimatums

Ultimatums are never a good idea, particularly during a review. Your manager isn’t going to look kindly upon that. But you need to let the manager know if you’re not happy. The way you feel is going to affect your work output and productivity along with your life at home.

Ask About a Raise

If you believe you’re entitled to a raise, now is when you should ask.  You should never wait until it’s too late. Make sure that your performance merits you asking for a raise.   If you feel as though your review is going well and the topic doesn’t seem as if it will come up, bring it up.  But make sure that you have evidence that supports that you are due.

Keep in mind that your demeanor during your review can make a big difference in your job.  Your boss may already have an idea of what they are going to say and your behavior, good or bad, may change their mind.  So make sure that you are acting the right way during your review and things might go really well for you in the future.

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