Sustainability Suppliers: A Growing Sector

Sustainable supply chain management is now becoming the topic for discussion with many organisations such as construction and retail companies who are looking to find suppliers with a keen interest in our planets future.

Let’s take a look at some of the well known contributors to the supply of sustainable materials; these suppliers are at the forefront of the sector and are the organisations that are pushing job growth in 2014. 

First, let’s find out exactly what sustainable supply chain management is: 

Sustainable Supply Chains

By definition, sustainability in ecology is how biological systems continue to be productive within a set lifecycle; a lifecycle which can be replenished, renewed or reused. Supply chain management in sustainability is where the two ends meet together, the demand for materials and supply. The overall summary of why this is now becoming a cause for concern is because 60% of an organisation’s carbon footprint is in its supply chain. So much so that now in Abu Dhabi, it is a legal obligation that all construction projects are sourced and completed using sustainable materials. PepsiCo have enforced a human right to water policy, Eco-Index have shared a platform for organisations to evaluate their own impacts on the environment when reviewing product design... and we are now finding alliances such as the Electric Utility Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance for businesses to come together and help each other. 


Steelmakers: Arcelor Mittal recycle steel and as of 2010 they have recycled 37 mission tones of waste materials offering a re-use rate of 82 percent. Brazil is known to be in abundance of natural resources, as a result, Arcelor Mittal focus on the re-use of steel materials from a site based in Tubarao. The steel re-cycle program also creates Acerita; a necessary compound used when building road surfaces. Direct job opportunities can be found by visiting ArcelorMittal careers.


Sustainable design in white goods: Biothinking proudly support the research which breaks down the characteristics of white goods. Surprisingly, white goods are actually one of the largest contributors to construction and development sustainability. Primarily researching eco-labeling to promote cyclic capabilities, Biothinking evaluate the materials and components relevant to our domestic machines including noise level dB, heat vs. time cycle, energy expenditure and water consumption. Contact Biothinking using the email should you wish to learn more about possible apprenticeships or job vacancies.


Recycled glass: AGC Glass are considered to be the leader in flat glass supply through Europe, they produce and distribute external glazing as well as internal decorative glass AGC challenge themselves to establish the best possible balance between economics and sustainable development. AGC are sincere in their renewable projects, so much so that they have dedicated 70% of their research and development budget to sustainable glass manufacturing. Recent opportunities can be found by visiting the AGC careers pages. 


Renewable surfacing: When “green” was simply a colour, Vetrazzo strived to supply the DIY and building sectors with surface materials in a bid to revitalise the use of the commonly found materials in property such as granite and marble. With innovative manufacturing procedures, the company patented a unique process to exercise the use of glass production merged with various raw waste materials, to produce a widely sourced commodity. Careers or work related inquiries can be made using the Vertrazzo contact us form.


Sustainable wood supply: Mondi, a leading supplier of wood materials, replants new trees to compensate every tree they use – thus branding their work as sustainable. Between the land owned or leased, Mondi houses 2.4 million hectares of land throughout Russia and also South Africa. In 2013 last year, the organisation was certified to successfully re-grow 66% of materials used, a 1% annual growth in comparison with 65% in 2012. A new career at Mondi can be found on their readily updated careers pages.

20 percent discount
20 percent discount


Chemical initiatives: BASF are driven to evaluate sustainable risk and sustainable resources in construction. They pride themselves for being noticed as a global auditor in chemical use for the building trade, working alongside the Responsible Care Global Charter - assessing and improving environmental care and diligence - and also working in partnership with the United Nations Global Compact - ecological studies to support sustainable sourcing. Direct job opportunities can be using the BASF career search engine.


10 years ago recycling was not a hot topic, our natural materials were not a major cause for concern and our population clock had not reached a massive 7.2 billion in 2014 from the 6.4 billion in 2004. The rising and emergent sector embraces a new catalog of traders, such as the ones covered in this article. These distinguished suppliers play key roles in the list of companies contributing to supply chain optimisation. New career paths and professions are in turn generated as newly established courses of study are created to cater to a newly found demand for skills in the fields of science.


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