Sydney Leathers' 15 Minutes of Shame

Who is Sydney Leathers?

Well, that is a question we didn’t know the answer to last week, but due to another ridiculous publicity stunt now we do! If you didn’t catch the story yet, the video above explains it all. 

This 23 year old woman has weaseled her way into the public eye at the expense of her reputation. Just justifying my previous post about what extents people these days go to for a little attention from the media.

Sydney decided it was a good idea to show up to Anthony Wiener’s Election Night Party, but was denied entry. When asked why, she quoted, "I feel like it’s my obligation. I’ll only be 23 years old once." and continued to say, "Why not be here? I’m kind of the reason he’s losing. So, I might as well show up.


I actually feel sorry for Mr.Wiener. Such an embarassing situation, as if living with that last name his whole life wasn’t enough.