Sydney Leathers Crashes Weiner Concession Party in Manhattan!

Sydney Leathers, 23, infamously surfaced in the media this summer, right as Anthony Weiner, 49, kicked off his New York City mayoral campaign, by claiming that Anthony had been sexting her and sending explicit messages to her. She’s garnered a ton of attention since then, claiming that she made a sex tape about the scandal  — and on September 10th , she decided to take it one step further by showing up at Anthony’s concession party in midtown Manhattan!

There was a crush of reporters around her, including our own Walter Hickey. The press was much more interested in Leathers than in Weiner.

Looks like Anthony had a rough night— not only did he lose the NYC Democratic mayoral slot, coming in fifth place, but his former internet mistress Sydney tried to crash his party at Connolly’s in Manhattan. Why did she feel the need to show up?

“I feel like it’s my obligation,” she told the crowd according to the online publication Hollywood life. ”I’ll only be 23 years old once.” ”Why not be here? I’m kind of the reason he’s losing. So, might as well show up.”

We’re sure that Anthony and faithful wife Huma Abedin weren’t so thrilled that she took it upon herself to come and disrupt the party — that she was ultimately not let into.

Anthony did not care so much for his public reputation as he let Sydney Leathers keep on with the show even at his concession party.

This awkward and publicly embarrassing situation for Anthony is a perfect example as to why you shouldn’t date people at work or do anything that will ruin your clean reputation. Because when you least expect it, your reputation can be destroyed. 

What do you think about Sidney Leathers determination to become famous? What do you think about the way Anthony Weiner deals with his reputation? Do you think the best way to deal with scandals is just not to do anything about it?


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