How to Take the DISC Personality Test

How to Take the DISC Personality Test

As humans, we are always changing, developing and growing. They say no one knows you better than yourself, but sometimes we can't even figure ourselves out. Everyone is unique, therefore our personalities differ. There are multiple personality tests available for anyone to use. These tests give users a better idea of who they are. As well, they can help users understand those around them.

The DISC personality test is a personality assessment tool. This test is used by more than forty million people in order to increase productivity and communication in the workplace. By increasing communication and teamwork, productivity will rise within the office.

What is the DISC Personality Test?

This test is designed to provide you with information regarding your personality type. When taking the test, you will answer a number of questions regarding different scenarios.

For example; I am a good listener -or- I can be fairly forceful in terms of my ideas and opinions.

You will then answer; strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, strongly disagree. You may also be given a scenario with possible answers, you will then need to choose which answer is most likely and which is least likely. As well, there are tests that provide a statement and then ask you to simply agree or disagree.

For example; Others look up to me -or- I respect authority and do what I'm told

Depending on your answers, the personality you possess will be displayed after answering all the items. This test is based around four personality types. It is very rare that someone will strictly be one type, a mixture is common. The following are the four personality types or styles:

  1. Dominance: These individuals are all about results and success. They will gladly accept challenges and prefer independence.
  2. Influence: These individuals tend to influence and persuade others. They are all about interaction; being enthusiastic and warm.
  3. Steadiness: These individuals are more submissive and calm. They support cooperation and value loyalty.
  4. Compliance: These individuals value accuracy and stability. They like to gain knowledge and maintain a high level of accomplishment.

What Does The DISC Personality Test Do?

The following are some of the ways in which the DISC personality test can help within the workplace:

  • Increase the users self-knowledge: If you know what causes you conflict and stress for instance, you will be able to approach situations with a new attitude. Being aware of your motives and feelings, is the first step in improving your behaviours.
  • Promotes team effort; minimises the conflict often associated with group projects.
  • Creates better leadership. When you better understand yourself and your actions, you can be a better leader.
  • Helps train a strong and effective sales team.
  • Improves customer service and satisfaction.
  • Helps with processes such as; hiring, placement and promotions.

Taking the DISC Personality Test

Now that you understand a little bit more about this personality test, let's focus on how you can take it. It is quite possible that you have already taken this test. Some companies have their employees take this test at work in order to improve the overall work environment. If this is the case, you will have access to this test and its results through your employer.

If you are personally interested in what your results may be; there's numerous DISC tests available online. Majority of these will be free sample tests; providing around twelve-twenty questions. They will generally give you a good indication of where you lie on the four scales. When you purchase DISC tests, the results will be a lot more in depth. Not only will the results provide you with a type, they may give you tips on how to tweak certain behaviours.

This is why the DISC test can be so effective within the workplace; it can make people more aware of behaviours that are a weak point for them. For example, if you are too driven to care about the people around you (dominance type), it may be time to change a few small behaviours in your everyday life. The way you approach your work may be great, but the treatment of those around you could improve with no cost to yourself. If you fall highly on the compliance scale, perhaps you can let-go of some control, and delegate tasks. If there are individuals who are fully capable of helping when you're in need, trust that they can achieve the same level of accuracy that you could. 

By taking this test, you may be able to improve your working environment. Being conscious of your behaviour is the first step towards success. If you fall high on the dominance scale for instance, start being a little bit more conscious of people's feelings around you. If you fall high on the steadiness scale, you may need to be more open to change. These are things that will be brought to your attention once you have noticed which personality types are most apparent within your results. Once they've been brought to your attention, you can improve your environment for the better. 


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