Take Your Business to the Next Level with Online Technology

Organization is a big part of running a successful business. Having a great product and excellent customer service is also vital. However, if your business lacks organization, it will be more difficult for you to efficiently run your office and provide the best services to your customers and clients. According to Rafe Needleman, Editor-at-large at, one of the best resources you’ll have in your business is someone who knows about technology. He also stated, “One of the most interesting things for any business right now is that so much can be done on the Web for so little money or for free.” (Source: USA Today)

The following are web tools which can help you take your business to the next level:

Dropbox – This online tool is a free service where users can store photos, documents, videos and other files for free on the Dropbox server. You download the dropbox to your computer and all of the documents in the folder are synced to the server. The data also gets synced to any computer you have linked to your account. There is an app which can be used on mobile devices or tablets so that you can also retrieve any information stored on your computer. Your computer doesn’t have to be turned on in order to access the files. Green checkmarks will be seen on all of the files that have been synced in the dropbox. Your data is securely transferred over SSL and encrypted with AES-256 before stored.  

Google Calendar – This is a free online service, although users are required to have a Google account in order to utilize the software. Users can share schedules with co-workers so they can see your calendar and view the schedules that others have shared with you. Another great feature is their two-way syncing to mobile devices or tablets when you’re on-the-go. Users can also schedule meeting or event reminders via email or text messages. Invitations for meetings are easily sent and RSVP’s can be tracked. If you are offline, you can still access your calendar. The calendar also syncs with desktop applications like Apple iCal and Mozilla Sunbird.

Expensify – This online tool is free and does not require a credit card to sign up. It is a simple way for businesses to streamline how employees submit expense reports and how they are approved. Expenses can be imported directly from a credit card so that the reports are generated quickly and easily. Office managers or business owners can then approve expense reports online. Employees will be reimbursed with one click of the mouse as the money is sent directly to their bank accounts.   

CamCard– This online tool allows business owners to have an online resource for organizing new business contacts. Many business owners spend a good amount of time networking with other business owners, prospective clients and customers and even the media. They are busy and need a system that can organize such contacts. The CamCard system reads business cards and saves them instantly to the user’s mobile phone contact list. It then syncs all of the user’s cards across his or her mobile phones, tablets, computers and the web app.

SignNow – Business owners can utilize this online tool to save time and money and use less paper as their office begins to go paperless. SignNow is a cloud based provider of electronic signatures and online notarization services. Users can sign documents online anywhere with an e-signature from any computer, mobile device or tablet. The system is protected so users can know that their documents are sent over secure servers. By not using the printer, fax machine or scanner, businesses are cutting turnaround time by 90% and saving over 40 hours a month by going paperless with e-signature technology. All signed documents are also stored online.

LogMeIn – This online tool is a cloud based SaaS service. It offers remote control, file sharing and systems management. Business owners can work from anywhere with an Internet connection and stay productive while on-the-go. Users can share large files without having to send large emails or using a 3rd party server. Desktops can be shared with another person. Users can even remotely wake up a sleeping computer and even hear remote computer sounds locally.   

Wunderlist – Business owners will love this online tool. Over 6 million people have already signed up for free. It is a great online resource to manage tasks, to-do lists and also share those lists with others. The system is compatible with a variety of devices like the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Kindle Fire and on the web. Their tagline is: plan for anything, collaborate with anyone and access anywhere.

Technology is a wonderful thing. Sometimes there are malfunctions and things don’t always work well. However, more often than not, using technology is an awesome thing. Business owners who utilize technology and various online tools for their business, will see an increase in efficiency, productivity and creativity. Less time is wasted and more time is spent on working your business to its full potential.


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