TAO of BADASS: Can You Use This New Media Sensation at Work? (PART 1)

The Together as One (TAO) of BADASS is a masculine orientated strategy to make a male effectively irresistible to females. This fully researched and studied art into the laws of attraction enables us to delve deeper into how one person can be attracted to another through simple steps and strategies. Remember, if there’s a girl at work – you are still a man and she is still a woman - the environment holds little weight in the equation, whether you find yourself with her in a bar, on the street or sitting at your desk; attraction is attraction.

The TAO of BADASS aims to make men irresistible to any women they choose, more so aimed to attract the most beautiful of women who present an obvious struggle for many men. So if there is a girl at work who you like, this 3 part guide will tell you how to get her phone number, ways to attract her just by walking, understanding her body language, how to land the first kiss, what to say to her, how to escape the "friend zone" and how to make sure you will never get cheated on. 

How the TAO of Badass came about…

Joshua Pellicer – the genius behind TAO of Badass - once felt helpless at the hands of women. Despite this helplessness and being hurt by various women in the past, he refused to believe he was worthless or would never be great with women. It was this attitude that gave him his motive to research into the complicated world of attraction. He wanted to know that he could attract a future wife and not fail at the opportunity of meeting her, he didn’t want to be made to feel helpless in relationship situations and he wanted to date more women to help drive the hurt out of his own system.

For years he researched old historical books about attraction; burying himself in libraries, new publications, learning modules and case studies. It was a search to find out why women can enjoy a man’s company and then remove him from the equation almost instantaneously. Upon gathering all this intelligence, Joshua began to teach classes at $3,500 each. He then also created a website, filmed YouTube videos, published books and has now become a media icon following several popular on demand television interviews.

For some men, the discovery can reach into your inner cavities and help pull out the confidence you have. It takes the form of several areas of attraction, which primarily address the game of love and attraction, to which almost everyone has been rejected at some point. Women have been turning men down for as long as men have been chasing them; this may be a result of uneducated social behavior. 

Understanding both of your body language

If this girl is at the desk just opposite you, she may be looking back at you too, it is also known globally that confidence can be seen as sexy. But it will take more than boasting and flirting over the table - show her that you feel good in your own skin and in control of your surroundings. Humans communicate primarily through body language. Commonly found physical attributes in confidence include a raised chin, straight back, a strongly held stance supported by self esteem. Take some time to self reflect on how you appear at work, are you showing the real you in the office? Then ask yourself, how does she come across towards you?

And understand what’s happening.

Assess her energy levels, evaluate the atmosphere of the people around her, and stay on point with her level. Be charming and attentive, and note her reactions to tailor your approach. A future goal you should have will be important to cross reference with this knowledge - spending time together through events such as dating is an evolutionary protocol used to determine if two people are right for each other. If you land a date with the girl from work, or maybe find yourself at the same table in the staff canteen, do not face her head on. Do not present your shoulders and chest fully adjacent to her. Subliminally this can actually entice feelings of being confronted and/or being “full on”. Regularly move chest and shoulders away from her direction, but to keep facing towards with eye contact during this process, hold for 3-5 seconds, and to return to your normal postured comfortable position. This removes any physical attributes of a psychological state often referred to as “needy”, it also separates signals which may be sent implying a “full on” message, and uses your own body language to welcome her to come forward as you retain eye contact but move away briefly. Take this opportunity to gauge whether she moves forward as you move away, through body language studies even if she is uninterested in you physically, your conversation and personality may have her attention, and should trigger her to lean more forward as you do so. Where you can charmingly come back to meet her as she does.

A woman’s pre-selection screening can normally happen through body language, selective wording can also be used to make her want to chase into the conversation to learn more. A physiological trick is to look at her mouth at the right time, with kissing playing a large factor of sleeping together this can and has proven to jump start lateral thinking about kissing and sex. Subliminal messaging during conversations can actually triggers a woman to hold you in a concept of desire should she feel that other beautiful woman are attracted to you, use this wisely.

This must all be done with confidence.

Harness your true inner confidence and channel this physically in your outer self; being loud and obnoxious will not increase positive awareness, rather drive this away. Address her with interest, but don’t be overbearing. Come across as involved, but not obsessed or desperate. Review what your body language is communicating about yourself, and how the girl at work’s body language is asking you to connect with her.

Why Men Kill Attraction

As much as the TAO of BADASS can help you build a relationship with this colleague, it’s also important to think about what other men do to turn women away.

  • Don’t talk about past relationships: stay current, neither of you really want to hear about ex partners. However, a girl will want to know if you are used to being around beautiful women and know how to handle the situation.
  • Don’t avoid eye contact: as the primeval way to connect this is also an area where you can engage physically.
  • Don’t keep your hands to yourself: if she comes over to hand you the stapler, a graceful but confident, touch of the hand or soft contact of the shoulder as you thank her - in a platonic state - can send a physical message of interest. Be open, friendly, secure and warm in your light physical touch.
  • Don’t devalue yourself: If you swagger up to her with a fake public image, this will be apparent, and she may choose to test you in front of your manager. Be sure to learn and appreciate the value of who you are, if you need more time to do this take some time out before you next go over to her desk.
  • Don’t ignore her reactions: Jumping head first with a strategy is not the way to advance, remember this is mutual. For BOTH of you. If she becomes distant because of something you did or said. Don’t reach into the tool box for another way to woo her. Understand what is happening here, be present in the moment, use your senses to detect what is going on and connect with her without the need to try and find miracle fix policy. Relax and do this naturally with yourself as an considerate person, selflessness and understanding will see you through this.

3 Secret Tests Woman Give to Men

Three different tests which attractive women pose to men show 4% of the men passing this and 96% failing. Those 4% end up being the men they date. The girl at work may or may not use this, although it is important that you keep things like this in mind.

In the game of love almost everyone has been rejected at some point. You may think that being rich, tall, muscular or good at sports is what you get you shortlisted by your ideal woman. None of this is always true. Some women do however have what has been defined through behavioural case studies as a “filter system” designed to filter out weak and insecure men, who may even act like someone they are not. And in turn provide selection for someone who is truly confident, strong and assertive. Tests are then included although it should be stated that often this is done by the girl subconsciously. So if she does do this in the canteen don’t fret, she may just be curious to know more about you.

Your colleague may be curious to know if you are comfortable being around other beautiful women. It has been seen that women who receive more attention from men, can in theory offer more compliance tests.

Some girls would like to know if you are desirable by other women. If other women are attracted to you, you can become more attractive – thus generating curiosity and intrigue. This theory is based on studies with fish, which show that schools of female fish (during a mating selection process) will flock towards and mate with the male who one female has already chosen.

Compliance test: This is when the girl at work may ask you to do something for her. She may not need it, she would like to know if you jump up from your desk and run over to do this task. Men who fail this are commonly not found to be a “potential mate”, don’t fail this – you may end up in the “friend’s category”. So how do you tackle this before ending up as mates?

Here’s an example:

You both go out to a bar for dinner and a drink. 99% of the cases studied show that women have enough money with them to buy a drink or meal. But they will ask regardless. What you should do at this very moment is think of something funny you would like her to do to make you laugh, and offer an exchange. You will buy her a drink or meal, because you are a gentleman. But she must do something fun and mutual in return, such as a Chewbacca impersonation, which is funny for both of you to smile together, and in turn you can do your impressive and practiced Chewbacca impersonation (which you have never practiced).

Congruence test: This is something you may receive more often if you are pretending to be more confident than you really are. The best way for a girl to do this may be to insult him, and present him with an emotional state, to judge the natural outcome rather than preconceived personality which he has “made up”. So for you, everything may be going very well in the office, and suddenly she may publicly insult your shoes which look second hand. Be prepared, it may be an unplanned sticky situation and most men will fail. Body language then becomes apparent as many men will then look down, become nervous and the way they handle the situation may be different from how they normally act.

The good news is she may be considering you as a possible match.

At this very moment when she may insult your shoes, you smile and almost ignore any personal insults directly aimed at you as you now know that this is a test. Instead of reacting like 96% of the average tested men, you instigate the attention away from yourself as you are too confident to let this affect you; it is now bouncing off your personality. Make light of the situation and bounce this back at her shoes. Be witty, fun, and playful and finish with; you like her shoes the way they are. A TAO master would laugh and touch her on the shoulder briefly saying it’s so cute she’s funny, saying this in the right way with the right posture removing all forms of arrogance from the response. Proving that you know how to move the conversation forward for both of you together, then welcoming her to interact positively with you, in public.

Gender role test: This is less obvious and sometimes instigated in a style considered more elusive than the other 2 tests. Keep your ears and eyes open and aware of what’s happening especially at the preliminary stages of when you meet. Maybe she won’t like you on her first day at work, but grows to like you more. Maybe when you join she’s already there and you know she likes you physically… this is when you need to be on your toes.

The test is designed for her to establish if you will adopt the male gender role in the relationship. This can happen within the first 5-10 minutes of any conversation, this will happen quickly. If you do feel this test is being administered, it is a very good sign that she is looking at you as a potential partner. Examples; this will happen with her possibly turning and speaking to someone else during mid conversation, or leading the walk together, stepping back, leaning away, she will begin to take control of the interactions you have. This is an attempt to identify if you are strong enough to take charge. If you are strong enough to lead a potential relationship you both share. Which has an underlying connotation on trust and support.

If you get angry, look “needy” by stepping forward, chasing her, you don’t know what you’re doing… you will fail this test. Even worse is if you sit back and let her lead everything, she may see you as someone who folds under pressure and unable to lead your relationship in the future, funneling you out.

End of part one. Click here to continue to Part 2 where we will look at ways to attract women just by walking… what to say to a girl and how to get out of the “friend zone”. In Part 3 we look at how to make sure you never get cheated on, how to get the first kiss and how to get a phone number.