How to Tap into The Hidden Joys of Work

Work is something that’s often frowned upon especially by people who have to literally slave away to earn a decent living. Then again, we’ve got people with really nice jobs and yet they hate the concept of work from a general perspective. I mean, who gets excited to go to work like they’re about to watch their favourite movie, Right? Plus, when was the last time you were really happy and excited on a Monday morning about the rest of the week’s workload?

Reasons why People Generally Hate Work

Everyone generally shares one or two negative attitudes towards work. And despite the fact that we try our very best to present ourselves as perfect and flawless workers at the workplace, we tend to secretly reserve some work hatred because:

  • A lot is demanded even during the most strenuous and tiresome of times.
  • It tends to eat up a lot of free time that’s needed for fun, socialization and relaxation.
  • The reward system is generally rigged and unfair. For example, the richest aren’t necessarily the most hard working.
  • The monotony of repetitive tasks tends to bring about boredom.
  • It’s basically an inevitable and monopolistic ’painful pill’ that one has to take to pay the bills and earn a living. As the saying goes, whoever does not work will not eat.
  • It’s psychologically and emotionally tasking since standards have to be maintained irrespective of one’s personal issues.
  • The trauma of stressful situations tends to reserve bad memories within the subconscious.

How then Does One Tap into the Hidden Joys of Work?

First off, I’m not trying to say that we should become like alice in wonderland with all that superficial ’lalala’ happiness. In fact, work in itself is usually laden with a myriad of setbacks and thus reserving some hatred towards it is understandable. However, despite all the obstacles and challenges that tend to hover around work, you can still learn to tap into its hidden joys by:

#1 Learning to Fight for Your Peace and Happiness

We all wish to have that happiness that naturally flows from our surroundings. But last time I checked, the workplace isn’t a bed of roses. 

  • In fact, in most cases, it’s like a battlefield where peace and happiness is quite rare to say the least. 
  • Yet if only you learn to fight for your peace and happiness, then you’ll always put on a brave smile despite the mountain of tasks awaiting your involvement. 
  • All that’s required on your part is to make some attitude adjustment once in a while according to the varying weight of obstacles you’re likely to face along the way.

#2 Choosing tasks that are Intuitive, Passionate and Engaging

Unfortunately, there is little that you can do about your happiness if your work is basically mechanical. 

  • This especially happens to people who are merely chasing after nice perks and salaries without having any overall meaningful purpose towards their endeavour. 
  • But if the job provokes you to tap into your passion and intuition, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t enjoy an engaging experience. 
  • Yes, the challenges will come, but when passion and intuition gives you purpose, then you’ll see the worth in enduring even the most strenuous of tasks.

#3 Using the Divide and Conquer Philosophy in Daily Task Fulfillment

When we wake up on Monday mornings, the weekend seems to be quite distant. 

  • And so. instead of enjoying the experience of daily tasks, we have to grapple with a lump sum week of work, praying that the weekend arrives as soon as possible. 
  • However, that doesn’t have to be the case if only you learn to use the divide and conquer strategy in your work related endeavours. 
  • For instance, assign a theme for every day of the week by devising a personal reward system to keep you motivated. 
  • Moreover, learn some organizational skills that will make your work easier and more efficient to fulfill through small and manageable tasks.

There are basically three kinds of workers in this world. Those who work hard, those who work smart and those who make smart decisions while working hard. And I think the latter is the perfect balance that can truly bring about dream jobs and thus make work more enjoyable. As Confucius once said, "Choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

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