Tattoos In The Workplace

It is common place nowadays for many people to have tattoos, and spur of the moment tattoos are often extremely fun (I speak from alot of experience.) But where do tattoos fit in with the workplace? Well, often they just don't, unless you're in a type of industry that allows it.

Being impulsive with tattoos is something many of us have done, without much consideration for the future. In many workplaces, and especially when having job interviews, these tattoos will need to be covered up. The tattoos, and also the area, (i.e. the face, neck, etc) can create a bad first impression but also can create an intimidating appearance. So where does that leave us tattoo-lovers within the workplace?

Well, there is more than one way to skin a cat these days. To avoid being discriminated against because of your ink, there are a few ways to hide those tats!

Cover them up. Yes this is the most obvious answer, but long sleeves to the wrist or full length trousers can usually cover a majority off tattoos. However, if your industry does not require a uniform this can be very tedious.

Invest in a good tattoo concealer kit. Tattoo make up has become huge over the years, with many different brands to choose from. Concealing black edges and black ink can be very tricky, as it can often turn blue. Although with good kits you can mix and match pots of shades to get your ideal colour. Brands such as Kat Von D, Hard Candy Glamoflauge and DermaBlend offer great concealers, just make sure it is thick enough as these need to be more heavy-duty than your average run of the mill concealer. With the picture you get a great image of before and after looks with Kat Von D's tattoo concealer. Here is a tutorial video by jessFACE90 to demonstrate the process:

Get them removed. This is an extreme measure for getting rid off tattoos. Not only is it a long process, (needing a few treatments depending on size) but it is extremely painful and unpleasant looking. Laser tattoo removal is not for tha faint of heart, as you can expect blistering and extreme care to prevent infection. Covering up with clothes is an easier option, but this is one that can certainly be considered.

Tattoos aren't always a death sentence within the working world, but considering the placement is important if they are taboo in the industry. Don't be afraid to express your individuality, but always be aware when going for job interviews that not everyone loves tattoos.




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