Temporary Work - The Best Thing You Can do While You’re Unemployed

Despite my efforts to build my experience to ensure a job after college, life isn’t always that easy. Several interviews and recruiters later, I still continue to search for that perfect position. Sadly, my bank accounts were empty and my stomach hated the fact that ramen became a major food group. Instead of sitting around and applying to an endless amount of job openings, my solution was to become a temporary worker.

Temp life is actually better than I thought, it allows you to work and make money without too much commitment. This allows me to still go job-hunting and go on interviews for positions that I really want. The best part is you can say no to gigs that you don’t want to do, so you aren’t forced to take anything you aren’t comfortable with. I’ve worked with major fashion companies, publishing groups, real estate firms and many other great places.

What This Means for you?

Temporary employment is an arrangement where the company designates an employee to stay for a certain amount a time. This could mean a day, a week or even a few months. You can find general agencies to work with or one’s that specialise in a specific field that interests you.

According to CareerBuilder’s 2013 U.S. Job Forecast, 40% of companies are planning to hire temporary and contract workers. The reason is because businesses continue to worry about the economy, so why would they want to add full-time workers to their payroll. The numbers of temp workers rose 36% since 2012. At this rate, temporary positions are slowly dominating the job market. Watch out 2014!

How do you Become a Temp?

I always say that Google is my best friend because you can find just about anything with a few keywords. By searching for staffing and recruiting agencies in your city, you should find several companies that will help connect you to temp, temp-to-perm and permanent positions.

Many agencies will ask you to submit a resume, and then they will invite you to their office to learn more about you and your wants. From there, I advise you to keep in contact with the recruiter you met with so that they keep you updated with future opportunities.

The one key about working with agencies is don’t stop at one. While looking for opportunities I submitted and talked to at least 6 staffing agencies, and only 3 of them still contact me about positions I might be interested in.

Temp Life

Temporary jobs aren’t only great for unemployed people, but also for part-time workers and freelancers. While some consider it additional income, it can be considered a second job for others.

The best part of temping is that the work you do can fill in the gaps of a resume to prove that you haven’t slacked off during times of unemployment. They can also help to provide you with skills and experiences in industries that you might not have otherwise thought to try.

Happy temping guys!

Have you been a temp before? What were your experiences working with different companies or with the temp agency? Comment below!




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