Terrible Phone Etiquette That Need to be Addressed

The world has now become a global village and communication within people has taken a new dimension. A couple of years ago it was not easy to send and receive information at an instant, unlike today where information is exchanged instantaneously. However, communication among people has come with a lot of challenges. Let as dwell on a cell phone communication within the confines of a work place. The cell phone is an intelligent portable gadget where voice calls and short messages are sent and received. It is a very good way to communicate since one can literally talk to another person in real time irrespective of the distance between the two. Cell phone communication among employees has brought with it irritable habits which has also affected work performance in one way or another.

Among the major bad habits include:

1. Bad and noisy ringtones. Employees in the work places have a habit of allowing their phones to ring loudly thus disturbing the otherwise peaceful working environment. At times some of them activated ringtones with unpalatable music on it irritating other employees who in one way or another do not subscribe to what they hear. This has negatively impacted on a good working relationship among the employees in the office. To check on this, I suggest that stern human resource regulations should be put in place to deter this irritable habit. Employees in question should also tone down the loudness of the ringtones in their gadgets to provide a conducive environment to work.

2. Talking on phone loudly is another irritating habit which need to be checked. This is bad especially in the office where workers are busy dealing with their work timelines. This habit should not be allowed to thrive in the working places as it diminishes the integrity of the workplace. Workers who wish to talk loudly should isolate themselves to lonely places and talk as they so wish.

3. Snooping on other employees’ messages and calls. Some workers in the workplace have a bad habit of snooping on colleagues text messages. This is unacceptable in the workplace and workers should learn that such habits only serve to bring acrimony among the workers. This directly affects the delivery of service in the office.

4. Ignoring important information. Giving new information in any field to mankind is an important attribute which needs to be respected by all. At work places, unfortunately some employees while being briefed on important developments in the office are always busy on their phones either chatting, messaging such that the officer briefing will feel neglected or unappreciated This habit is also bad and need to be stopped by all in the workplaces.

5. Unprofessional conduct during meetings. Important board meetings in the workplaces have borne the brunt of bad phone usage habits. Some employees while in the meetings do not switch off their phones. Instead they constantly check and chat while presentations are going on. They do not pay attention to what is being discussed. This shows unprofessional conduct by some and need to be seriously addressed by the company management.

6. Deliberate ignorance to answer a ringing cellphone. This is a bad habit that shows irresponsibility by some workers in the office. This habit is not only absurd but a bad one. The best thing to do is pick the call and just inform the calling party that may be ‘I am busy and will call later’ or if the cellphone owner is out just let the caller know. This is one of the bad habits which need to be checked.

7. Driving while talking on the cellphone. This applies to drivers who have been employed to move staff from one office to another or to work in the field. This habit is bad and serious as it can easily lead to fatal accidents. Proper rules and regulations should be given to drivers who have been given the task of moving staff to different points. Many who have done this have ended up causing serious fatal accidents. This is one of the worst habits a driver can engage in at workplace and needs to stop.

8. Stealing and accessory interchange. In some instances, there are employees who steal their colleagues’ cellphones in the office. At times they do inter-change accessories like batteries, cables with bad ones without the knowledge of the owner. This is a bad habit and common in many workplaces.

9. Don’t care attitude on the office cell phones. Many companies have invested in providing office communication gadgets to the employees. This is normaly done for the benefit of the company and to ease communication within the confines of work environment. Unfortunately, employees have resulted in using the gadgets for their personal gain rather than for work purposes. This incurs an extra loss to the firm. This therefore is another habit which needs to be stopped within the workplace.

In conclusion, cellphone communication is one of the best innovations ever discovered and it will be of utmost importance for workers in the offices to internalize its good usage and be responsible enough. Although technological advancement is a feature which is inevitable, it is paramount for workers globally to acquire knowledge and use it to the benefit of both employers and employees in the working places.




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