Testing Timers Alleviate Test Stress

Test Time

One of the most grueling parts of the academic experience comes from test-taking--and the SATS and ACTs are no exception. Students from all over the United States stay up for days on end trying to do their best on these two notorious exams. Well, Jordan Liss is looking to change all of that with his test-timing watches.

Jordan Liss, the founder and creator of Testing Timers, struggled with exams and test-taking in high school. Liss said that had he had a proper watch during his tests, he would have scored two or three points higher. After realizing that it can be difficult to find a tool that a student can use both with a tutor and in the test environment, Liss saw a very real need for students taking the SATs and ACTs.

Thus, Liss created a simple analog timer known as the Testing Timer. It wasn’t until he broke his hand playing basketball during his freshman year at New York University that he began coding and developing his pet project. With the help of his father, Liss brought his company to fruition in September 2012, and the watches entered the market in January, 2013.

The watches are incredibly easy to use—just select the section of the test (all included in the presets), and start the timer.

“Our watches are made specifically to supplement test preparation and be used in the actual test room. Our simple design gives breaks down each individual section of the test into its own preset on the watch. At a quick glance the student receives the time remaining and a visual indicator of their current test location. The watch has been proven by thousands of students and tutors to generate results and score increases by creating consistency, properly managing and saving time, and reducing test anxiety,” Liss told the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

The watch has a small diagram around the screen’s border that indicates what portion the student is in relative to the rest of the test. Small arrows along the line show where important or difficult sections are and indicate where a student should be at any given point.

These watches are designed specifically for the SATs and ACTs; they’re fine to take in to the testing room and make absolutely no noise. They do not light up or vibrate, and are fully encrypted--meaning they have no smart-phone capabilities, which are strictly prohibited. They’re also approved by ACT® and College Board®.

The watches ship out well before each test is scheduled so that students can practice with them; while Liss loves that his watches are becoming incredibly popular among test-takers and tutors, his ultimate goal is to work directly with ACT and College Board so that these watches can be rented to students in the test-room, just like calculators or pencils.

If the increase in demand from the past two years is any indication, Liss is well on his way to achieving that goal. Liss is a student at University of Michigan, where he studies at the Ross School of Business.






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