The 100 Most Desirable Workplaces 2014 [infographic]

Each year the business website Business Insider release their top 100 workplaces report. The data for the report is obtained by observing the of interactions millions of LinkedIn members each year.

The list is notable for the large number of technology companies holding lofty positions.  The top of the table consists of the likes of Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft.  The ratings themselves are based upon both member engagement and awareness of particular companies on LinkedIn.  So, for instance, how often an employees profile is viewed or the number of users that are following a particular companies Page during the past twelve months are all considered valuable metrics.

Of course, you could argue that those metrics don’t really tell you much about the virtues of working for a particular organisation. Business Insider has also produced another analysis of the workplace, this time using the workplace review website Glassdoor for its measurement.

Glassdoor allows you to peer inside a particular workplace to see what it’s really like.  Rather than relying on sanitised impressions published by recruitment departments, Glassdoor provide real reviews from actual employees.

Their annual Employees’ Choice Award looks at the satisfaction levels of employees on a simple one to five scale.  It also rates the overall experience of employees at each company.

So, for instance, employees were asked to rate their satisfaction with a whole host of things at their current employer, including their current pay, the culture in the organisation, the career opportunities there, how strong the CEO and senior management were, whether they had good work-life balance, and whether they’d recommend their current company to a peer.

How does the list compare with the LinkedIn one?

Well, there are some noticeable differences. Google for instance drop from the top spot in the LinkedIn chart to a paltry 8th place in the Glassdoor list. Interestingly, the number 1 company in the Glassdoor list (Bain) come in at a very mediocre 33rd in the LinkedIn list.  That’s arguably the biggest gap between the two charts. Likewise, Qualcomm achieved 13th in the Glassdoor list and were outside the top 100 in LinkedIn’s effort.

Arguably the most consistent company are Facebook, who achieved 5th place in both the LinkedIn and Glassdoor league table.

It’s certainly interesting to note the differential between the two league tables.  If I was a gambling man, I would assign greater credence to the chart produced by Glassdoor as their effort is based upon actual reviews from existing employees. The LinkedIn table by contrast could be swayed by the apparent popularity of an employer, with the reality then not matching up to that lofty perception.

Have you worked for any of the companies in the two league tables?  I’d love to know your personal thoughts on them in the comments below.




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