The "30:30:30:10" Rule To Apply to Your Work

When it comes to your career you’ve always been told to give it your all, but how should your 100% be distributed?

I recently came across an article by Steve Tappin, the founder of, the host of BBC “CEO Guru” and author of “The Secrets of CEOs”, concerning the 30:30:30:10 rule. The rule explains how much time and focus you should dedicate to the organization you work for.

30% = Do Your Job

This should go without saying, but your first priority is to actually do the job that you were hired for. Make sure that you are completing the responsibilities outlined for your position. Completing the basic tasks gives you time to take on more work that will make you outshine other employees.

30% = Play Nice with Co-workers

Working for a company makes you part of the team of people, looking out for the best interest of the organization. “There’s no ‘I’ in team.” By partnering with co-workers, you can develop an incredible support system within the company. When it comes time to find out how you work with others, you’ll have only positive feedback from a group of people that you worked alongside with.

30% = Spend time with CEO and selected players

Maybe the company you work for is so large that you don’t have access to the CEO, so try to spend more time during work with managers, or supervisors that play a key role in the organization. This will allow you to see the things they tackle on an everyday basis, and maybe you’ll be able to give them great advice on a problem they’re having.

What will eventually happen is that these “higher-ups”, might see that you have taken it upon yourself to truly look at the way the company is performing through personal leadership. If the advice you give is worth their time, then your point of view will be valuable to the people you work with.

10% = Have fun

Well, it’s really 90% that you should give to your job. The last 10% should be about you. Getting ahead in your career maybe your ultimate goal, but you have to take time out to actually enjoy life. Some people think that being consumed in their work 24/7 will get them ahead in life, but it’s just not true. You don’t want to only look forward to work. Go out with friends, go on a date, be around family, or surf the internet for hours. Just do something that makes you happy.

Whether you want to move up in the company, or just make yourself noticed, these initiatives that you take will have a big impact on your life. It will definitely improve the way you work, but it will also allow you to step back from the routine of your co-workers and be your own person.

What do you think of the 30:30:30:10 rule? I would appreciate any ideas or comments about it in the section below.