The 4 C’s of Social Media [Infographic]

Since social media platforms are essentially social networking sites, entrepreneurs need to take advantage of their full potential and engage with their audience as much as possible. If you want to expand your business and you want to ensure you are doing that successfully, you need to follow the 4 most effective strategies as described in the infographic below.

This infographic from will help you raise your business game and boost your next campaign. According to the infographig, the 4 C’s of Social Media are:

  • Content: provide content that matches the needs of your customers.
  • Conversations: Join conversations and engage clients appropriately – not exclusively through promotions or sales and respond quickly.
  • Community: community builds trust and encourages the exchange of ideas; focus on sharing useful advice and experiences and avoid Ads.
  • Connections: test new social channels and target influencers who can spread your message.

Now that you are familiar with these social media strategies, perhaps you could try and apply these to your own marketing strategy. Take a look at the infographic to get more information on how to incorporate these techniques in your business strategy.

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