The 4 Most Difficult Jobs to Land

Are you desperate for a career change? Want a role that is more exciting, interesting and high profile? Before you start your search for new employment, consider how easy or difficult it is to land your dream job.

If you are up for the challenge, consider some of the jobs listed below. Bear in mind that they are notoriously difficult to land...!


Undoubtedly one of the most challenging, interesting and unique jobs in the world, becoming an astronaut is no easy feat. You will need rigorous mental and physical training to deal with the constant challenges that you will face in space.

The competition for a position is extremely tight – NASA receives on average of 4,015 applications to fill around 10 positions every year, and the chances of landing a job in this profession are around 1 in 1,21,00,000.


If you are passionate about learning about the universe and beyond but don’t wish to venture into space to learn more, you may be considering a career as an astronomer.

To become an astronomer you will need outstanding maths and physics skills, as well as a PhD in either astronomy or physics. Before even being considered for a position within the field you must have demonstrable work experience in the industry, perhaps working in a scientific research firm, government agency or university.

Competition for a position is incredibly rife, while the number of openings per year is very limited. A job in astronomy is therefore on the most difficult in the world to land. 


This industry is considered ruthless by many and the potential to break through is incredibly challenging. There is so much competition and the standards are continually changing. Making a living in this field is no easy feat and only the models at the top of the spectrum can make a living from this profession.

Private Chef

If cooking for the stars is one of your career aspirations then consider a career as a private chef. Private chefs cook tailor-made meals for the super wealthy – usually in their private homes. And although becoming a chef in a top restaurant is within arm’s reach, the competition for a job as a private chef is viciously high, while the number of opportunities arising each year is limited.