The 5 Deadly Sins - Corporate Edition

Whether you’re a student dreaming about the glitz and the glamour of the Corporate World, or a Professional living the reality of the Corporate World, you need to be aware of The 5 Deadly Sins that can get you fired if you take them for granted. Being a former Wall Street Trader, I have firsthand experience of how an innocent mistake, yes a mistake, that in reality doesn’t have anything to do with your performance on the job, can get you FIRED. In order to understand the Sins that I’m about to discuss, you need to have a good understanding of the basic human emotions, mainly Greed and Envy/Jealousy. And when you combine those two emotions with POWER, it gives rise to conflict.

So, let’s get straight to it. Here are The 5 Deadly Sins that you should NEVER commit when you’re working in a corporate setting:

1) Disobeying Your Superior and Making Him/Her Look Like a Fool in Front of the Entire Office

The higher you are up the corporate chain of command, the bigger your ego. No matter who you are, what university you’re from, what sport you played in college, how charismatic you think your personality is, NEVER EVER disobey the direct orders of your Superior (BOSS). In the corporate world, the only thing that’s certain is Payback.

2) Don’t Indulge in Petty Gossip

No matter how tempting the topic being discussed, do not indulge yourself in petty gossip, especially if it’s something that involves your Superior. Always remember, in a corporate setting, everyone is looking out for themselves. People are not who they present themselves to be. There’s always a mole/spy in the group that reports directly to your Superior. So, in the heat of the moment, you might say something that might end up costing you your job. Always be the spectator.

3) Throwing Lavish Parties for Your Colleagues

If you are a 1 year junior analyst, act like it. Don’t spend your entire salary throwing lavish parties just so you can impress your colleagues. All this does is, gives rise to Envy/Jealousy. You don’t want that. You always want to be the good guy.

4) Dating Someone from Your Office

This is quietly possibly the most deadly sin that you can ever commit in a corporate environment. It doesn’t take a lot for people to turn against you. Especially if it’s a sour Ex that’s motivated by revenge. Not to mention, being the topic of the petty gossip that you are so desperately trying to avoid. Also, it affects your focus and efficiency. You don’t want that.

5) Being Active on Social Media

Are you one of those people that are so addicted to Twitter and Instagram that you feel obligated to share every detail of your life with people you might or might not know? If yes, your corporate career will end even before it starts. Now-a-days, companies have special resources that they specifically allocate to monitoring Social Media activity of their current and future employees. A small misstep, a small opinionated Tweet, is enough to get you fired.

There you have it. The 5 Deadly Sins. Of course there are many more, but the ones I’ve mentioned in this article, are the ones that can potentially get you FIRED. And in this day and age, where jobs are as scarce as ever, you want to make sure that you hold on to yours.




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