The 5 Least Valuable NFL Franchises (and why the cash ain't coming)

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1. 5. Detroit Lions ($900 million)
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Okay, so the best of a bad bunch on this list still comes close to cracking a billion dollars, so it’s not all doom and gloom, but when a guy like Robert Kraft (owner of the dynastic New England Patriots) could literally buy the company two times over and still have change for a nice dinner, something’s gone awry. The easy answer would be to point to Detroit’s economic freefall of recent years, and while that’s certainly part of the problem (anyone struggling to feed their family on a week-to-week basis isn’t about to drop a couple hundred on a new jersey anytime soon), contemporary mismanagement of the team – to group the dark years of the Matt Millen era – and a record winless season in 2008 kept fans away in droves, with the team just now starting to turn a very gradual corner.

Every year, Forbes and their fellow money magazines come out with their list of the most valuable NFL franchises. But, year after year, it's gotta get a little stale seeing Jerry Jones’ and Dan Snyder’s smug smiles staring us in the face.

So it’s time for a turn of the tables. Which are the least lucrative clubs in one of global sport’s true powerhouse leagues, and more importantly, why do they struggle to hang with the big boys? Forbes provides us with a list for that, too, but stats and percentages are no fun, so without further ado…




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