The 5 Most Valuable Film Franchises

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1. 5. The Lord of the Rings
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In literary terms, The Lord of the Rings is certainly the most seasoned brand name on this list. In cinematic terms, it’s easily the newest. When Peter Jackson took the reigns of J.R.R. Tolkien’s supposedly ‘unfilmable’ epic back in 2001, he set a new standard for globetrotting, awe-inspiring filmmaking. Each film of the original trilogy took home at least $850 million in worldwide gross, including final go-round The Return of the King, which brought in a cool billion. With the following two films of The Hobbit saga averaging about $900 million each, interest in Tolkien’s furry-footed friends has never been greater…or more profitable.

In our modern corporate world, film franchises just might be the most valuable piece of intellectual property on the planet. Just a single name, character or location can conjure up endless excitement and nostalgia in its millions of fans across the globe. More importantly, the right brand can yield endless profits via sequels, re-imaginings, re-releases and merchandising. But before we get into a heated debate about which movie titles would sell for the most, be warned that the franchises on this list are not ranked solely on dollar value alone, but also incorporate the franchise’s future potential for growing bigger and better.




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