The 6 Stages of Career Development – Infographic

How we feel and act in each phase of our career evolution differs from age to age according to Mariya Pylayev, multimedia journalist and contributor to CNNMoney, CUNY TV’s 219West and WNYC. She points to 6 stages of career development that relate to different age cohorts.

Stage 1: This phase refers to millennials aged 18-26 who are essentially career starters and highly governed by their impulses. People in this stage are particularly idealistic, optimistic and are characterised by a sense of independence. They tend to explore opportunities and bounce from job to job until they settle.

Stage 2: At this stage, millennials aged 27-31 start to explore themselves profoundly. It is the time they invade the entry-level job world and set out to reconsider their goals and orientations. 

Stage 3: Employees aged 32-42 can at last boast a more stable career which allows them to make the most of their dreams and feel more comfortable. This is an ideal time to make commitments, pursue vital visions and make key life-changing decisions.    

Stage 4: The fourth stage involves a mid-life crisis which in turn translates into uncertainty and regrets. You start wondering what prevented you from achieving your dream and even you have accomplished your goals, you do question why you haven’t taken the extra mile to do other interesting things.

Stage 5:  This is the time you experience the ‘golden age’ of your career (for people aged 49-65).You have a far clearer understanding of the meaning of life and you are in a position to become a mentor for younger people

Stage 6: You are 66+ and most likely retired. At this point, you are mature enough to understand the ultimate limitations of life and the self. 

Finding out about more of the characteristics of each stage will empower you to navigate through each stage easily and confidently. Check out this infographic and tell us where you fall and how you reflect on your status now. 




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