The 7 Stages of Getting Through Friday

You know you love Fridays. Who cares about all those workaholics crying because the work week is nearly over? You’re one of the TGIF-ers who live for the weekends. Ok, so it’s true. Getting through Fridays isn’t always easy. You experience a roller coaster of emotions. One minute you’re over the moon happy. The next, you’re texting your friends BOOM messages, hoping someone comes to rescue you. Being bored out of your mind can even turn you into a raving lunatic because you can’t wait to break free from the prison of your office.

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You go through stages throughout the day from actually being excited to hear your alarm clock ring to running out of the office waving your hands in the air like a child freed from school on summer break. Take a look at the 7 stages of getting through Friday. Maybe your morning glow lasts all day long. You might experience all 7 stages in equal measure. Whatever your Friday entails, it is sure to be filled with excitement and craziness all wrapped into one work day.

1. The Early Morning Glow

Waking up on a Monday morning is worse than death. Ok, so that’s a bit dramatic, but you’d rather crawl back into bed than endure another week at work. However, waking up on Fridays causes you to experience the early morning glow. You’re no longer in zombie-mode. Everything seems better on a Friday. You won’t feel like smashing your alarm clock with a sledge hammer when you’re woken up. You’re one step closer to the weekend and free from your work week hell. You’ll find yourself humming your favorite song. Not caring that your significant other left his shoes near your side of the bed again, causing you to trip and fall while stubbing your toe- no, the pain doesn’t matter on Fridays.

It’s Friday! Life is good. You’re ready to face the day because you won’t have to see your annoying boss for the entire weekend. Even your usual morning routine seems to flow more smoothly. Instead of wishing you could hide in bed, you’ll be eagerly jumping up ready for that two mile run. Your morning commute is not something you dread on Fridays. You can even forgive all those road rage drivers who ride your bumper and usually make you want to commit murder. No, on Fridays, even the dreaded commute is heavenly. Friday mornings are glorious. Everything you do seems better and makes you feel more euphoric—simply because the weekend is so close, you can taste its deliciousness.

2. The Reality Check

Life on Friday takes a turn for the worse when you get to the office. You’re hanging on to the early morning glow with all your might, but it’s slowly slipping away like melted butter through your fingers. It’s difficult to keep that smile on your face. You walk to your desk as if you’re an inmate with irons chained to your ankles and realize that you have a ton of work to get done. Reality sets in like a dark rain cloud and you remember that your boss told you if you don’t finish those marketing spreadsheets, you’re not leaving the building at closing time. Yes, your despicable boss has found a way to ruin your early morning glow and he hasn’t even arrived at the office yet! Reality stinks and you sink down into your chair in despair.

3. Determination Sets In

Once grim reality hits you like a ton of bricks, determination sets in. Well, hopefully it does. If you stay stuck in reality mode all day, you’ll be useless and overwhelmed—sucked into the void of endless work. Yet determination causes you to see the flicker of light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing is going to stop you from clocking your time and getting out of these doors to Happy Hour or wherever you plan to go at the end of the day. No one is going to ruin your Friday, not even your micromanaging boss or annoying coworkers. All you have to do is keep your eye on the prize and stay focused on getting your work done so you can escape the office at closing time.

4. It's Time for Lunch

Ok, so you can only be determined for so long before you need a break—especially on a Friday. Happy Hour is calling your name and you wish you had a stash of alcohol hidden in your desk to help you get through the rest of the day. Finally, it’s time to go to lunch. You need to breathe some fresh air. Even if you’re in the middle of a blizzard, you’ll brave the outdoors to get lunch. In a frantic pace, you round up as many colleagues as possible and head to your favorite café. Some of that Friday euphoria has returned. Everyone’s faces begin to glow with happiness, overjoyed that they made it through the first half of the day. Your colleagues start fantasizing about not returning to work for the rest of the afternoon. That causes a stir of discussion and everyone begins sharing their plans for the weekend and what they would do if they could escape work early.

5. The Afternoon Slump

Being a slave to work, you have to return to the office. Those feelings of euphoria are waning. How on earth are you going to make it through the rest of the afternoon? Four more hours of torture, trying to finish your work on time so that you can leave the office—you have no more determination to finish. You can barely step one foot in front of the other as you trudge back to your cubicle as if you’re being herded out to slaughter. Why do you have to be here, you wonder. Why can’t the work week be only four days instead of five? Your mind is spinning out of control and you wish you had taken your colleague up on his offer to skip out on the rest of the afternoon.

You settle back in your cubicle and start shuffling papers around on your desk. You know you need to start working again. Yet how can you appear as if you’re working, without arousing your boss’s suspicions that you’re really not? That’s the question running rampant in your mind. You’re inbox is probably full again so you decide to check emails. That only killed fifteen minutes and you feel like knocking your head on the wall! You feel like a claustrophobic person being trapped in a box, buried underground. You take your first of many trips to the break room for another cup of coffee. Your second trip is to the vending machine. You take the long way around the office back to your desk—hoping you get lost or someone stops you to talk.

6. You Get Your Second Wind

Suddenly, after you’ve made your fifth trip to the break room, you snap out of your mindless wandering and get your second wind. You only have less than an hour left. How did that time pass? Then you realize that you’d better get into turbo mode and finish those spreadsheets. If not, you won’t be able to escape your boss’s wrath. All those trips to the break room helped. You are high on caffeine and start working like the Flash. However, drinking so much coffee means you still have to make more trips to the restroom. No problem—you’ve got your second wind and you’re in flash mode. You have no idea how it’s happening, but somehow, you have managed to get your work done. Your Friday euphoria is starting to come back. The excitement is spurring you on to finish your work.  

7. You are Finally Free

Finally, you only have ten minutes until you can leave the office. Freedom is calling your name. Without causing too much of a ruckus, you quietly gather your things and put your coat on. Sure, you’re still on boss patrol and pretend to be busy. Hopefully, he won’t stop by your office and see you ready to leave. Your heart starts racing with anticipation. The minutes can’t tick by fast enough for you. Soon, you only have one minute left. You grab your bag and stand up in your cubicle.

Freedom is within your grasp. The spreadsheets have been emailed to your boss and you start walking toward the door, hoping you don’t see him on your way out. You can’t imagine what you’d do if he stopped you and gave you another assignment to work on before leaving. You’ve never been happier to leave the office than on Friday at 5 o’clock. Suddenly, a stampede of colleagues is running behind you. Rushing to the door, you race to your car and breathe in a sigh of relief. You’ve made it through another week and didn’t get trampled by any colleagues making a mad dash to the door.

Maybe your Friday is less dramatic, but you probably go through some of these stages. Which of these stages do you experience when trying to get through your Friday?

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