The Ad' Campaign that Raises the Issue of The Workplace Double Standard.

As 2013 draws to a close it is incredible that workplace equality is still an issue for women all over the world. However, the subject of the lingering double standard is making waves across social media with a commercial passively released by Proctor and Gambles Pantene division in the Philippines’. The quietly powerful statement resonated the equality message worldwide after only appearing twice on television, and ten days later achieving eight million views on YouTube.

The differences in the way women and men are viewed in the workplace are clearly depicted in the commercial and obviously working women everywhere related strongly to the piece. It compares the labels that men and women carry at work. Women being labeled for working long hours compared to men being labeled for doing the same thing and a male speaker being labeled , while his female counterpart is labeled .

In the United States the pay gap this year shows that women earn 76.5 % for every dollar men earned last year according to the Wall St Journal. Women are working the same jobs as men for less money and are carrying the additional burden of the stigma attached to being a successful woman. When the odds are so heavily weighted to the advantage of men the female population can feel either hopeless in their endeavor to succeed or go to extremes to prove themselves as an equal player. In November of this year the British Royal Air force paid 100.000 pounds sterling to three female RAF recruits who sustained considerable physical injury whist pushing themselves beyond their physical limits during marching exercises. One of the women actually fractured her pelvis in an attempt to match the stride of her male counterparts.

The traditional role of homemaker and child bearer, still haunt working women resulting in feelings of guilt and inadequacy. Success for women cannot be measured solely by their achievements at work but by how they perform as a mother and wife as well. The enormous pressure to be all things to all people is the price that women pay for success. With the many hurdles and challenges that women encounter on their way to the top, surely when female success is measured, it is actually greater than that of a man, even if they are considered equal in position. Just some food for thought as we enter 2014 with the determination and optimism required to succeed in the workplace.