The Advantages of a Meditative Space in the Workplace

The high levels of success in corporations such as Google, Proctor and Gamble, and eBay can be attributed to their concern for the wellbeing of their employees. They have managed to provide meditative space for them to be able to cope with the high pressures of work and to increase their focus and presence while on the job. If you want to achieve the same rates of success, you should consider setting aside a meditative space in your workplace. The cost-benefit of such a program is high, and here are some of the reasons why:

Reduction in Healthcare Cost

Chronic stress and anxiety tends to affect many employed people, and this incurs heavily on amount of money your company or organization spends on healthcare. The best way to counter such work-related illnesses is by letting employees have some time to relax and reflect in a space made for meditation. You reduce work-related injuries as well as a reduction in the number of sick days employees take.

High Retention of Employees

Employee retention is guaranteed because you’ll have created a work environment that looks at their personal well-being and accommodates their needs. Allowing space for meditation or prayer is also likely to attract high-quality employees, giving you a strong, dependable workforce. The level of turnover in your company reduces significantly as more workers are willing to remain in your company, giving you a competitive advantage among others in your field.

Encourages Diversity

Different people practice meditation in varying ways based on their personal beliefs or religious orientation. If you create a neutral space for such practices, you are able to accommodate employees from varying backgrounds, which makes them a valuable asset for your company. Diversity in the workplace encourages cooperation, acceptance and openness among individuals, making them work with mutual respect for one another.

Enhances Productivity

Meditation helps revitalize the mind of your employees, enables them to reflect on personal objectives and invites inspiration, which is beneficial for maximum input in the workplace. You’ll notice that the quality of work they produce is significantly better and their enthusiasm will be much higher because of improved working conditions. For this reason, you are able to realize the goals of your company and help your employees achieve personal objectives.


Medical research corroborates that meditation significantly improves the health and wellbeing of a person. Aside from a reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety, and a drop in the risk of cardiovascular diseases, meditation improves the focus and output of your employees. The infrastructure of implementing and supporting a meditation program is generally simple. Plus, the savings in health-care that you manage to make quickly offset any cost you may have put in. Be mindful of the requirements of different religious groups when creating a space for meditation. For instance, Muslims need to pray while facing Mecca or Christians might require a bible. As an employer, it is your duty to ensure the wellbeing of your employees, as doing so is good for your business’s bottom line.

Image Source: Media Fastlanes