The Art of Naming a Business

Naming a Business
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Your business name is extremely important. A business name can either attract or repel customers: if your target demographic is erudite, sober traditionalists, you may be better off not going for a hip and humorous name that will mean nothing to them. But the right name can set your relationship off on the right footing. Cool and clever names work if you’re after media coverage, and if you’re targeting a demographic that is naturally curious and eager to learn – Innocent is a good example. Distinctive names are important, particularly because they aid recall: a name such as “Sofa So Good “ is pretty distinctive. Names must also be well chosen. A hastily chosen name can land you in a range of problems. Businesses have been forced to change their name because they failed to understand the difficulty their customers would have with the pronunciation of their name, or because of they failed to find out if there were negative connotations of the name. And changing the name of your business can be an expensive process.

So how do you go about choosing a business name? This infographic summarises the key aspects of naming a business. In it, you ‘ll learn the following:

  • The three common approaches to naming a business
  • The importance of cognitive fluency
  • How to make sure you’ve chosen the right name

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If you’re setting up a business, have you thought of a name? If so, how did you come up you’re your business name? Let me know in the comments box below…




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