The Art of Successfully Being You

‘Just’ who do you think you are? What do you expect from life and what does life expect from you? These are the questions deftly addressed in this jaw-droppingly brilliant TED talk by Glaswegian Caroline Mc Hugh (founder of Idology), called “The Art of Being Yourself”. Shunning well-meaning but facile invocations to “be yourself”, McHugh’s no-nonsense, hard-hitting questions will force you (with her dulcet, melodious Glaswegian accent) to confront the person you truly are and start expressing what is unique about you. There are many great points in this brilliant video, but here are my highlights:

Key Points:

  • Superiority complexes and Inferiority complexes are signs of a fragile ego; discover a third way: one that gives you a perceptual vantage point but without any competition
  • People who are frightened to be themselves usually end up working for those who are not afraid to be themselves. To be successful, you must be as good as being you as the truly successful are at being themselves
  • There’s something deeper than your thoughts that is ‘you’; go through the process to work that out: instead of looking at yourself in the mirror, look for yourself
  • Your entire life has been about building a “stable relationship with your ego”. You must find an equilibrium whereby your ego is in service of your life
  • The thread that links truly successful people is their individuality
  • We all “come complete” with “one true note we are destined to sign”

If success has eluded you thus far, I have no doubt you’ll be inspired by this video. Watch it, learn from it, bookmark it. And let me know what your highlights are in the comments box below...