The Benefits of Being Nice at Work

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We think of the workplace like a battlefield that only the fittest can survive? But is this what it’s really like ? Being nice can have many benefits.

Although most of us hate going to work every day, the reality is that most of us don’t hate our jobs all that much – if you do, I strongly recommend you file your resignation letter as soon as possible. Our job is where we do work that makes us somewhat excited – I realize we can’t all be Mark Zuckerbergs, but not hating every minute of your pathetic existence at work is possible – it’s also where we see our friends, and sure, colleagues can be annoying and we may on occasion get all murderous with them, but the reality is that the workplace provides an environment where you can grow professionally, as well as personally. So is it really worth it to be antagonistic at work? Wouldn’t it be better if you were nice at work?

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Being nice at work is not always manageable because the workplace is a pretty stressful environment but if you are patient and successful in being nice at work for the whole day these are just some of the benefits and rewards you can reap:

1. People Will Like You


Obviously, you’re going to say. But you’re forgetting that it’s essential for your career for people to like you because unless they like you, they’re not going to refer you. This is especially important if you have a business or if you deal with clients. Your kindness to them will ensure your referral to other potential business partners.

Needless to say that kindness can also help you push forward professionally if you are an employee. There are far more chances that your boss is going to like you if you’re nice to them and the rest of your colleagues this can also translate into promotions and raises.

2. It Will Make You More Productive


You may think that kindness and productivity have nothing in common, but you’re wrong. Not being kind means working in a hostile environment and a hostile environment can hinder productivity.  To do your best work you need to work in a positive environment where you feel safe enough to be creative and risky.

Kindness also promotes collaboration amongst colleagues and having your colleagues on your side of the court can only mean great things for your professional future. Not only will they be willing to help you when you require assistance but they’ll also be more open to working as a team as well.

3. It Will Help You Be Happier


We tend to separate our work from our lives, but the reality is that the two are intertwined. Being happy at work can only mean being happy at home and this is why you should do your best to be in a healthy work environment. Our brains, as you may know, are not wired to be in negative environments and being kind to the people around you at work will only help make you feel more positive and happy. It will also help you cultivate better and happier relationships with the people outside your work environment.

Are you kind at work? What benefits have you reaped? Let us know in the comment section below.