The Benefits of Cutting Coffee Out of Your Life

Coffee: it’s a beautiful thing. It lifts our spirits, can literally be the only thing that gets us out of bed in the morning, and wakes us up when we need to be productive at the office (which is every day, of course). But while we all love the caffeinated stuff and practically camp out at Starbucks every single morning, just waiting for our next fix, being addicted to coffee isn’t exactly the healthiest habit to have.

According to Mayo Clinic, you can totally drink four cups of coffee or 400 milligrams each day – any more than that, and you’re officially addicted and heading for some health problems. So even though the thought of giving up your favorite hot beverage basically brings you to tears, there are definitely some good reasons to give up your Pumpkin Spice Lattes (or even just your plain old regular lattes). Read on to find out the top nine benefits of cutting coffee out of your life. If you need to enter a 10-step program, too, we don’t blame you.

1. Your Mental Health Will Be Better

You probably don’t associate coffee with depression and anxiety. After all, drinking a cup or two every morning with a healthy breakfast or when you arrive at the office is what stops your depression. But caffeine affects your adrenal glands which can lead to anxiety and just generally feeling terrible. Adrenal fatigue is when symptoms of stress become so bad that you basically become super sick. No one wants that, and no trendy mocha or cold brew coffee is worth feeling emotionally or mentally unwell for.

2. You Can Replace It with Green Juice

Yeah, the super trendy green juice that celebs swear by and that you see people walking around with everywhere you go. Green juice is a great caffeine-free substitute for coffee. As Toronto-based holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy writes on her blog, drinking juice instead of coffee gives you amazing health benefits like enzymes that make you feel super energetic as well as vitamins.

Sorry, coffee, I love you but you basically have zero vitamins. You’re not healthy at all and green juice wins over you every day. Just think: if you’re not drinking coffee, you need a healthy replacement, right? So why not fall in love with green juice? A bonus: you hate veggies, admit it. Stop forcing yourself to eat vegetables and drink them instead. Problem solved.

3. You'll Have a Healthier Body and Heart

You may think that coffee has nothing to do with your heart and body, but here’s a reality check: coffee can definitely cause an increase in your blood pressure. What’s more, your cholesterol can be raised by a cup of java. Since you obviously work in an office environment and work-related stress is a leading cause of heart problems, you want to do whatever you can to stay super healthy, don’t you? So giving up coffee might be a good idea.

4. Your Blood Sugar Will Be Stable

Coffee and donuts go together, and they’re basically the cutest couple ever. But coffee and a muffin, a piece of blueberry coffee cake, or any kind of pastry go together pretty well, too, and there’s a good reason for that. It turns out that coffee can raise or lower blood sugar, and your blood sugar is 100 percent responsible for any sugar cravings you experience. So enjoying a cup of Joe along with a delicious muffin could lead to you wanting even more of those muffins, and that’s bad news for your energy levels, your ability to focus and be productive at work, your weight, and your overall health.

5. You'll Be Less Tired

I know, I know. Isn’t coffee supposed to make you less tired? Isn’t that the entire point of the stuff? Unfortunately for us Starbucks addicts, drinking a ton of coffee can actually make us more tired. That’s because the stuff essentially acts like a drug. So you feel awesome at first and like you can accomplish anything at all, which is of course how you want to feel first thing in the morning when you have a long, hard work day ahead of you. But then later you crash, which leaves you reaching for yet another cup of coffee, which just goes on and on in a totally vicious and unhealthy cycle. Instead, focus on increasing your energy by eating whole foods like veggies and fruit, breakfast smoothies, and by drinking tons of water. Water is 100 percent good for you and there are no weird side effects, so it’s super safe. Also, drinking coffee too late in the day can make it hard to fall asleep at night, which isn’t ideal because we all need our sleep when we work full-time. Water never kept anyone up late at night (unless you drink way too many glasses before bed and then hello bathroom breaks).

6. You'll Have Fewer Headaches

Coffee can lead to mild headaches or major migraines. That’s because when you drink coffee on a regular basis, as many of us do, you go through withdrawal symptoms the next day until you get your next fix. That means a nasty headache. It will only go away when you drink another cup of coffee, and the same thing will keep happening until you throw your hands up in despair and give up coffee for good. So if you give up coffee, then goodbye headaches. Sounds awesome, right?

7. You Won't Be Addicted to Anything

Okay, that’s not totally true. You still have your Netflix addiction and you can’t help the fact that you enjoy watching reality TV from time to time (or all the time). But coffee addiction is a real thing and it’s not all that great to have a serious addiction to any stimulant, whether that’s coffee, drugs, or alcohol. Coffee may be considered more of a socially acceptable vice of choice, but it’s still addictive nonetheless.

8. Your Digestion Will Be Amazing

Coffee is super acidic and tons of people experience heartburn or stomach aches from the stuff. So you probably experience some stomach distress thanks to your BFF coffee from time to time. If this describes you, then you definitely should consider giving up coffee, and you’ll be free from heartburn or other problems. What sweet relief.

9. You'll Feel Calmer

We all need some peace and calm in our busy, often chaotic lives. We work 24/7 since we’re addicted to our iPhone, Macbook, and social media accounts. We’re always pretty stressed out, let’s just be real here. So when you give up coffee, you’re going to feel way less stressed because you won’t be stimulated by the caffeine. The truth is that no matter how delicious coffee is, caffeine makes you feel crazy and it will never, ever be able to calm you down. Working super long hours is bad enough for you, so you might as well cut down on the coffee and become healthier.

Do you think you could cut coffee completely out of your life? While it may totally suck to say goodbye to your daily Starbucks vanilla latte, your body, mind and health will be so glad that you did. With these nine reasons to, you now know why it’s a good idea to give up coffee, so the only thing left to do is start today. You can do it, I believe in you.

Can you think of any other awesome benefits to cutting coffee out of your life? Let us know in the comments section below!

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