The Benefits of Philanthropy in the Workplace

Affiliating your company with philanthropic endeavors is a great way to advertise your services and network. It could also be influential to the ins and outs of your business, as it is an excellent way to boost morale. It gives your colleagues something to work towards, look forward to and participate in together outside of their regular workweek tasks. 

Company sponsorship

As a business sponsoring a children’s sports team, marathon, walk, or festival event for a worthy cause, gives you the opportunity to advertise. Think banners, team shirts, hats, etc… It also gives you an opportunity to get your coworkers involved. Maybe they’d like to participate in the company-sponsored event. Start up your own sports team or get them to sign up as a group for an upcoming walk or marathon. You’ll help a worthy cause and instill a sense of teamwork in each other that will transfer back over into the workplace.


While many charities need cash donations, there are other ways to collect and give back. Things like clothing, canned food, and toys can easily be collected in the office and brought to the appropriate charity “drop off” location. You can even take it a step further and have your colleagues physically hand out the toys and clothes themselves at local shelters or children’s hospitals.  Get involved with a charity rummage sale or a church auction. Simply collect unwanted items at work and get them to the church or auction house.

Volunteer Work

Your company may want to consider a paid time-off program for those willing to volunteer. Some companies are giving two days per year to employees who spend that time giving back to the community. Whether it’s for a soup kitchen, hospital, or helping to build a Habitat for Humanity home it’s about doing a service for the community and for your employees. You’re making them a part of something important. They could go to the beach to pick up trash or sign up to play board games with under privileged children. All that matters is they choose the action and take part.

Host Your Own Event

Just pick a cause and pick an action plan. Then enlist your co-workers to help you with your mission. Organizations like Cookies for Kid’s Cancer is a charity that functions because thousands of people host their own bake sales from all over, then send the funds in. The money goes to pediatric cancer research. Imagine how far they’d come if every business hosted one of these a year. Tell your office it’s B.Y.O.B (Bring your own baked goods), find a location like a park, shopping plaza or something along that line, set up tables and get selling.  You could make it an all day affair; rotate shifts so everyone can be involved even if there are scheduling conflicts.

It wouldn’t be a difficult process to introduce charitable activities into the workplace and the payoff is huge. The most time consuming part would be coming up with what kind of involvement would work best for the type of business you have. Once you have that valuable goal set, you’ll be surprised to see how enthusiastic your colleagues will become at helping you reaching it.




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