The Benefits of Using SlideShare in Your Business

SlideShare is a prominent presentation tool used by businesses. It’s cheaper than Microsoft PowerPoint and it allows you to display your presentations from practically anywhere in the world. It can bring more benefits than you think to your business, though.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can enhance your business through using SlideShare.


Meetings and Attention Spans

Meetings can get boring fast. Nobody wants to listen to someone drone on and on about productivity and sales targets. A common issue managers face is keeping the attention of their employees. Talking to them alone won’t keep their attention.

A SlideShare presentation grabs their attention because you’re presenting the information in a creative way. Plus, you can always make sure they’re paying attention by drawing them towards specific aspects of your presentation.


SEO Effects

SlideShare is a well-respected service. Google ranks its results highly in its search engine index. A good presentation may well be discovered by someone who doesn’t have anything to do with your company. This is a good thing because it boosts the SEO value of your website.

Connect a SlideShare presentation to your brand and your website will benefit from it. Every little helps when it comes to SEO.


Shareable Content

Furthermore, SlideShare content is amongst the most shareable content on the Internet. It’s easy to share because on the final page of each presentation viewers have the option to share it through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

We all know how important it is to share interesting content with your followers. Diversity of content is just as crucial. Now you can share your presentations through your social media channels, and so can any third-party. This is an advantage for both your social media following and your overall SEO value.


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Educate with Ease

SlideShare presentations are more than mere SEO and social media tools. They’re an opportunity to break down complicated concepts into bite size pieces. All you have to do is condense the content into a presentation and you have something you can use to educate your clients and customers.

Don’t underestimate the power of the SlideShare presentation. It can accomplish far more than a simple blog or a page of website content. You can use images and diagrams to further enhance someone’s understanding off the subject at hand.

This is especially valuable in businesses where many people don’t understand how things work, such as accountancy and legal services.


Trends in the SlideShare Community

SlideShare isn’t a just a presentation tool. It exists within a blustering community. Your presentations can be made available to the general public. Many businesses look at the latest presentations appearing on the website. This is important for market research because it tells you what’s popular now and what competitors think people are interested in.

Many small businesses benefit from this because they’re playing catch-up with their older competitors. Finding out what others are doing can be a useful piece of information when devising future marketing campaigns.


It’s Cheap!

Whenever a business looks into using a new tool, they have to look at the cost implications. SlideShare doesn’t cost anything to run. All you have to do is signup for an account and get started. This makes it the cheapest option on the market. Start-ups, especially, can benefit from being able to use such a cost-effective tool as this.

Overall, SlideShare allows you to educate your clients and customers at a low price. It’s also ideal for internal use where you can easily draw the attentions of your employees to important data and information. Use it right and you can reap both the educational and SEO benefits from SlideShare.


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