The Best Business Blogs Right Now – 2014

Having read hundreds of business blogs and sites over the years, I’ve compiled a very short list of my favourite sources. They run the gamut from quirky, to thought provoking and are must-reads for anyone interested in, or involved in business. Here they are, in no particular order:

#1 Mashable

Mashable was the 2014 Webby Award winner in its category (business) and it is phenomenally successful. It is venerated the world over as one of the most popular blogs of all time. It even boasts its own awards, called ‘The Mashable Awards’, which recognise companies that excel in Mashable’s  key areas -  social media, tech, business and entertainment (source: Mashable).

Mashable is the go-to site for breaking news content and updates. You’ll find well written, inspiring, informative and educational content -   everything from in-depth how-to’s, to beautifully produced infographics. There’s something for everyone here, including a job board for those of you who are still searching.

#2 The Business of Fashion (BoF)

Founded by entrepreneur Imran Amed, 2014 Webby Award nominee BOF has amassed a global following as the go-to resource for creative executives, people working or aspiring to work in fashion, and entrepreneurs. Thanks to an army of international fashion insiders and outstanding writers, you can expect to learn about current and future fashion trends, fashion economics, and gain valuable insights on the business of fashion.

#3 IBMBlr

A 2014 Webby Award nominee, IBMBlr is the blog for insights and predictions about fascinating subjects such as atomic filmmaking, space exploration and innovations in various fields. Expect a myriad of colourful subjects - a wonderful mix which ranges from “Cognitive cooking” to “Women in Tech” and a hugely popular “How not to” section.

#4 Quora

What’s not to love about Quora? Although it’s not a business blog per se, it covers plenty of business and business-related topics. Quora is a question and answer site; anyone can ask any question – which then gets answered by ‘experts’.  A recent question was: “How do I get a job at Google?” The value in Quora is that people actually take the time to seriously consider your question and give you their best answer. You can follow any topic of your choosing, for example technology, science or business; and follow people too.

#5 Seth Godin’s blog

Bestselling author Seth Godin has written no fewer than 12 books on marketing and entrepreneurship. His blog offers pithy insights based on his substantial and successful experiences working in business and social media. Each post passes on thought provoking wisdom on wider issues related to business and how we conduct business today. Excellent content is paired with super-engaging blog titles, for example “Pitchcraft”. You’ll soon become a fan.

#6 Steve Blank

Blank is an esteemed professor of entrepreneurship at a host of universities and he tackles a wide array of business topics on his blog, ranging from customer development to technology. Through articles, videos and podcasts, he instructs and informs in a very engaging and accessible style. The bulleted, boxed list of ‘Lessons Learned’ at the bottom of his posts is an invaluable addition.

#7 Kevin Kelly’s Lifestream (KK)

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20 percent discount

You’ll need to allocate enough time to read KK’s posts and thoroughly digest them, but it will be worth the investment. KK is the founding editor of Wired magazine and, if you’re a reader of that magazine, you won’t be surprised by the topics covered here. Expect tech, innovation, marketing and leadership content, all delivered with the authority of an expert and packed with invaluable, priceless insights.

The founders of these blogs are highly experienced authorities in their fields, and from their blogs anyone can learn how to succeed or do better in business.  Don’t hesitate to visit them because you are guaranteed to learn something.


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