The Best Career Advice You Never Hear

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There are lots of articles out there offering out of date, generic advice for your career. We all know about the follow your dreams, always go the extra mile, the customer is always right advice.

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But aren’t you tired of hearing all this boring advice all the time? Don’t you want to read about new and different tips that are also helpful for your career?

Well, if you answered yes to the previous question then read the following article to hear some unique career advice that you never hear:

1. Never Decline Invitations

Whenever you are at a new job, never decline those first invitations for happy hour or lunch. If you don’t accept them, then they will eventually stop inviting you, and you will become an outsider without a possible entry to join the cool gang again. That’s it; you will forever be a lone wolf.

2. Try Not to Look Too Busy

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There are many hardworking and smart employees that fail to get a promotion just because of their excitement and dedication to take on too much work and thus always appearing too weary. By coming out as stressed out, people will instantly think you cannot handle any more pressure and won’t assign you with any extra responsibilities.

3. Fish in The Microwave

Never, ever heat up fish in the communal office microwave. If you are in desperate need to eat fish, just eat it as it is; cold. You don’t want to make the entire office hate you for your choice in food; just trust me on this one.

4. Be Bold And Brave

If you want to be successful, you have to do unassigned work and responsibilities. Anyone can do the allocated responsibilities; that’s why they were hired in the first place, but if you want to prove your worth to the company just take on more tasks and projects that weren’t initially assigned to you (just make sure you know how to deliver them effectively).

5. Help Others

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You should always help others even when it won’t directly benefit you. It takes little to no effort to provide referrals, answer questions or simply open doors for others who are in need of help. You may not realize it at that point, but your efforts will be rewarded in the near future without even expecting it.

6. Networking With Ex-coworkers

Networking with people who have left your company is more valuable than networking with those within your company. You never know when you will actually need them in the future.

7. Always be Aware of Your Weaknesses

If you think you have no weaknesses at all, then don’t be surprised when they are abruptly brought into the picture and ultimately hurt your career. Try to determine what your weaknesses are and try to find ways to overcome them. Most of the time, you cannot do that by yourself; you need the help of others, too.

8. New Skills

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If you want to become an expert at a new skill, then watch out for someone who is already a master of that skill. Observe their technique or even ask them for advice. You can then modify it to your own style and abilities to make it work for you.

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What about you? What is the weirdest career advice you‘ve ever heard? Let us know below.




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