The Best Careers for Your Personality Type – Infographic

Are you a curious thinker or a fact-minded individual? Are you a  perceiver or a judger? Your personality type can determine which career you’ll be happy with. No matter what things make up your personality type, there’s surely a career path for you. This infographic created by Truity Psychometrics outlines the four dimensions of personality types and suggest ideal jobs for each type:

The Highlights:

  •  51% of people are introverts and like working in calm, quiet places independently or in small groups.
  •  49% are extroverts. These people enjoy working with others and don’t mind working in busy spaces.
  •  73% are sensors who like working with tangible things such as people, machines or data.
  •  27% are intuitive who focus on abstract things like ideas, theories and possibilities.
  •  40% are thinkers and the best type of job for them is one that uses their intelligence and lets them shine.
  •  60% are feelers who would love a job that enables them to help and show their compassion to others.

Check out this infographic to figure out what kind of job best suits your personality type.  




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