The Best Shirts For a Man's Work Wardrobe

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1. Make the Shirt Fit YOU!
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Painfully thin, boy-next door, ripped or just round – there’s no excuse not to wear a fitted shirt. You don’t have to fit into the shirt rather the shirt has to fit you. So get a tailor or try different brands till you finally find THE shirt. If in doubt, just buy blue.

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The basic staple of any office-going man’s wardrobe is the shirt. And for something so simple, most men should be able to get it right. Sadly, this is not the case. When it comes to shirt-related fashion mistakes, there are six ways from Sunday men can get it wrong. So here are the 10 shirts every man should have and some tips on how to wear them the right way…

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The Ideal Shirt

There’s no one ideal shirt for all – frankly, there’s no one ideal shirt for you too. Irrespective of color, fabric, collar or cuff – a good shirt is one that fits and falls within the shirt etiquette stated below…

  1.  Avoid choosing S, M, L or XL shirts. Shirt measurements are more about neck circumference and arm length. Get measured for bespoke garments or simply get the ones you have altered to fit.
  2. The right collar ensures you can fit it one finger between it and your neck. Two fingers means it’s lose and no finger – well, you’re the guy that is asphyxiated by his collar in office, aren’t you?
  3. Chuck the balloon shirt, please. The shirt has to closely fit your torso, whatever shape your torso may be in!
  4. Shoulder seams aren’t meant to fall somewhere on your arms – they hug your shoulders. Capish?
  5. Get over the I-am-wearing-my-daddy’s-shirt little-boy look – cuffs are only supposed to reach a little past your wrists when unbuttoned, not flap way past your hands.




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