The Biggest Workplace Time Wasters [Infographic]

It seems to be so much easier to do work when you are constantly avoiding it. Whether you are plainly sitting at your desk and doing nothing, chatting with your coworkers or surfing the web, wasting time sounds like far more fun than doing the same boring repetitive task of filing documents. Or you could even be updating your status on Facebook while at work – after all, an astounding 77 percent of workers are doing just that, spending up to two whole hours on the social media site.

This handy infographic compiled by Yast provides information on the most common workplace time wasters. Perhaps most surprising of all is that some of the biggest workplace time wasters are actually work-related activities that workers engage in unwillingly. Have a look at the infographic to find out what they are.

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So, how much of a time waster are you? Feel free to share your best time-wasting activity in the comments section below. I swear I won’t judge!




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