The BuzzFeed Cover Letter: Are Graduates Damaging Their Hirebility?

The BuzzFeed Cover Letter: Are Graduates Damaging Their Hirebility?


BuzzFeed has rapidly become one of the most influential online media outlets to date. The website’s combination of “click-bait” articles, humorous bucket lists and videos has turned the site into a media power-house that’s capable of rivaling major news corporations like the BBC in terms of readership numbers and online engagement. BuzzFeed’s success and popularity has also made it a very attractive company to work for.

Most new graduates who were interested in a job at BuzzFeed would typically send a cover letter along with their CV to the company right? Well, Amy Elizabeth Hill who recently graduated decided to do something a little bit different. Her attempt at wowing the editors at BuzzFeed with this cover letter (published on the BuzzFeed web site) is the latest example of how some graduates are approaching prospective employers.

A Job Well Done

This cover letter certainly packs a punch. Everything about it echoes BuzzFeed’s editorial voice. It’s loaded with gifs, witty headings, and Hill has even nailed the font styles that are used on the site as well. All-in-all, it’s fair to say that this is a first-class cover letter for a suitable BuzzFeed candidate.

Applying for any job these days is a competitive process, anyone who has recently graduated can tell you that, so it makes sense to give it your all when it comes to cover letters and this cover letter certainly demonstrates that. When you consider Buzzfeed’s editorial stance this candidate’s cover letter makes a lot of sense. A good cover letter is more likely to entice the recipient to at least take a glimpse at the corresponding CV. Employers are bombarded with job applications on a daily basis and if they are not enticed by an applicant’s cover letter then they are not likely to consider them as a strong candidate for the job. This cover letter successfully lists (with the help of some gifs) the following skill sets:

  • The candidate’s background in the fashion industry which demonstrates a key interest that is easily transferable to the web site.
  • The candidate’s educational achievements which strengthens suitability for a job with the company.
  • The candidate’s editorial portfolio which shows a wide editorial range that is a valuable attribute in online publishing.
  • The candidate’s computer literacy skills as well as working knowledge of CMS/social media platforms.
  • The candidate’s enthusiasm for online content which is showcased throughout the cover letter.

This is the kind of cover letter that really stands out. The candidate has combined humorous tones with neutral elements which gives the BuzzFeed editors a good idea about her devoted interest in the online publication and some details of her occupational background as well. Quotes from the cover letter include:

“The dream started with long hours and back-to-back days spent working in retail, behind bars (the good kind) and included saying yes to internships and volunteer work.”

“Hell yes I’m willing to relocate to make my dreams come true.”

The use of gifs is what really makes this CV distinctive. They truly add a quirky tone to the cover letter and reinforce the candidate’s creativity.

Hill may not be the first to present BuzzFeed with this type of cover letter, but she certainly stands out as someone who should be in the running for a job at the company.

Creative Or Counterproductive?     

Submitting a cover letter like this one is a bit risky, not every employer would appreciate it. Some employers may perceive the cover letter to be just a little bit too casual, it lacks professionalism in the sense that it fails to showcase the candidate’s skill set outside of BuzzFeed’s editorial mannerisms. It also fails to explore the candidate’s suitability for a job because it is missing a more detailed description of the candidate’s occupational background.

That being said, some employers would be impressed with this submission. It’s always a good idea to demonstrate to employers that you are keen to work or have already worked in similar sectors which this cover letter has demonstrated to a certain extent.

No matter what job you are applying for, sending a cover letter like the one mentioned in this article is always going to be a gamble. Weighing up the pros and cons of cover letters that show off a creative flair could get you a job, but it could also cost you dearly as well. It is up to you to decide what is the best choice for yourself.

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