The Calmest Jobs in the World

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Are you a quiet person who thrives when there is minimal interruption from other people? Would you like to have a job that involves either no physical activity at all or the least bit possible? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes,’ welcome to the calmest jobs in the world.

Most of these jobs won’t only afford you the peace and tranquility you love so much, but they’ll also keep you as far away of from occupational-related stress as possible. Don’t expect your employer to come breathing fire down your neck because of unaccomplished tasks, because you won’t be facing the pressure to beat tight deadlines anytime soon!

1. Mathematician

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On a typical day, you can find mathematicians tucked away in their offices, doing what they do best: playing with numbers! They have all the time in the world to develop mathematical formulas and models that students, teachers and other professionals will use to solve math and business-related problems. Even when they have to interact with other people, it is usually with other mathematicians, and it is in the quiet of their offices. Given today’s chaotic world, being a mathematician gives you a sense of calm and satisfaction that you can only find in a few other professions. Want this job? A PhD in math would do.

2. Professional Author

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To get their creative juices flowing, professional authors spend most of their time alone in quite places. Whether they are penning a Romeo and Juliet-esque novel or a fact-based article that will be published in a scientific journal, calmness is their way of life. If these authors want to find or verify some information, they normally go to a library, find the material they need, retreat to their offices and get back to writing. Apart from one or two interviews here and there, interaction with other people is often limited to publishing editors. Although being a creative author largely relies on your talent, a degree in English writing will go a long way in enhancing your mastery of writing styles.

3. Software Developer

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Software developers -the creative minds behind many of the computer programs we use to accomplish various tasks- are calm, collected and able to effectively work alone for long periods of time. Most of their evenings are spent tinkering with the latest technologies and frameworks, in a bid to develop software’s next big thing. Even though the developers may sometimes be forced to roll into high gear in order to meet a project deadline, many have the creativity and expertise to deliver just on time. To join this profession, you need a bachelor’s degree in software development.

4. Astronomer


Imagine yourself in the dark of the night, at a facility that could be located in isolated places such as mountain tops, observing objects that are millions of miles away from earth? Well, that is how calm the job of astronomers is! Astronomers are scientists who study celestial bodies such as asteroids, comets, stars, moons and planets. After they are done gathering data on their objects of interest, these scientists retreat to their offices or astronomy labs to evaluate the data and compile research reports. Don’t worry about carrying telescopes and other specialized astronomy equipment. That is the work of astronomy technicians. Aspiring astronomers must earn a PhD in astronomy to get hired.

5. CCTV Vigilante

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CCTV vigilantes commonly work for retail stores and other business outfits that heavily rely on CCTV systems to prevent theft or burglary. At a supermarket, for instance, a CCTV vigilante would spend an entire day in a quite control room watching real-time footage of shopping customers. If they spot a customer shoplifting an item, it is their job to alert security personnel at the store. There is no doubt these armchair snoopers enjoy the challenge of combatting crime without having to burn so many calories chasing suspects! To get started in this career, pursue CCTV training courses, which are typically offered by technical schools.

6. Songwriter

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Like authors, songwriters need unlimited access to the creative part of their brain. Writing lyrics to a song that will evoke certain emotions in the hearts of listeners, or one that the audience can sing along with ease, is a task that can best be accomplished during personal quite times. Although songwriters often have to attend workshops and industry events to sharpen their skills and develop professional connections, it is the actual songwriting aspect of the job that makes it one of the calmest professionals in the world. Several music colleges offering songwriting courses that can improve your ability to write hit songs.

7. Data Scientist

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Data science is home to some of the hottest careers in 2015. No question about that. But did you know that data scientists also have one of the calmest jobs? Being a young career  -it was created only about six years ago, a standard job description is yet to be adopted. However, they generally use the principles of computer science and computer science to help organizations better manage their data. Evidently, there is nothing physical about the job. What’s more, data scientists are mainly office-based and their interaction with other employees is not extensive. Without at least a master’s degree in data science, you won’t come anywhere near getting this job.

8. Bird Watcher

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Bird watching can be an extremely calm job, especially when you do it alone in a forest or bird sanctuary. Except for the noises made by the birds and other animals, you will have a largely peaceful time. Even when sharing a watch tower with other watchers, everyone is usually busy with their binoculars trying to catch the best view. So no one will interrupt you unless it is absolutely necessary. Although there are no set qualifications for becoming a professional birdwatcher, earning a degree in ornithology enhances your knowledge of birds and consequently, employment prospects.

9. Museum Conservator

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Even though museums are frequented by people, they offer a serene environment for people who want to relax and learn some history. Responsible for restoring and persevering the artefacts or archival materials you would find in a museum are conservators: professionals who like calm and tranquility. Unlike curators and archivists who interact with visitors, conservators can be found in special labs within the museums, where they apply treatments to the artefacts. Though at times you may need to lift and move a heavy artefact, many museums and art galleries have technicians to help with the physical tasks. Want to become a museum conservator? In most cases, a master’s degree in art conservation or conservation for archaeology and museums will do.

So, are there any benefits to having a calm job? It certainly depends on your personal preferences and what works best for you. For instance, there are people who are more creative when working under intense pressure, and there are others (including yours truly) who can only find creativity within the confines of their silent offices. What is your take on these jobs? Do you know of any others that can beat these ones in terms of calmness? Please share your observations or thoughts in the comments section below.