The Costs of Running a Startup – Infographic

Running a startup does not only take having the willpower, perseverance and passion to make your business a success. Besides, having a smart, driven and innovative team members, able to develop and refine new ideas, you should also consider the costs related to running a startup.  According to, running out of cash is the second top reason for startup failure. So what does it cost to run a startup? To answer this question, created an infographic which illustrates startup costs in various cities around the world. The costs represent a yearly estimate of a startup’s operational costs including renting an office and hiring 2 web developers and 1 designer.


Web developer yearly salary

Web designer yearly salary

Getting an Office

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New York





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Apparently, the Asian capitals of Manilla and Mumbai make the cheapest places to run a startup, with annual costs significantly below $100,000. On the contrary, setting up a startup in Zurich, Switzerland would cost you roughly seven times as much as it would cost you in Manila.

Thinking of setting up a business in another country? Check out this infographic and get a full comparative picture of the annual costs involved in running a startup across different cities around the world.