The Creative Routines of the World’s Geniuses – Infographic

Info We Trust

How do the world’s geniuses : painters, composers, artists, scientists, writers, philosophers, find the time and the headspace to produce their numerous masterpieces? We can find some answers in this illuminating infographic by info we trust, which illustrates the rigorous daily routines of a number of creative geniuses from the past, from Charles Darwin to Victor Hugo to John Milton, and which points to the importance of routines as an enabler of creativity. Check out the infographic and the following short summary of the interesting points.


  • Although exercise as a concept was not developed until the 20 century, all the creatives took walks as part of their daily routine
  • The famous composer Beethoven insisted on coffee for breakfast and was precise about the number of coffee beans contained in each cup of coffee (sixty beans). Indeed, coffee appears to have been the brain fuel of choice, much as it is today. Honore de Balzac drank up to 50 cups of coffee a day
  • Naps were taken during the day, presumably to ‘recharge their batteries’
  • Meditation features prominently amongst some of the creatives, with Benjamin Franklin asking of himself at the end of each day, “What good have I done today?”
  • According to Mason Curry, who investigated the daily rituals of these masters, some of these creative geniuses kept to highly disciplined routines for several decades, whereas others used routines as a means to an end, ie whilst carrying out a particular piece of work.

There’s nothing new under the sun: The maxim, work hard and play hard was as true for them as it is for us today. And just as we do, these creative geniuses engaged in a variety of leisure pursuits: board games, reading, socialising with friends, spending time with loved ones, ”occasional trips to the snuff bar”, drinking and even doing nothing.

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