The Crisis is Leaving its Mark in Spaniards' Lives

Spain has always been highly regarded for its lifestyle and culture. The Siesta for example is known worldwide and the typical culture of going out for drinks late at night has been adopted in many European countries. Years ago, cities such as Alicante or Barcelona, were livelier at 4:00 am than they were at 4:00pm. However, the famous Spanish lifestyle might be changing, and not for the better.

Since 2007, Spain has been in a deep and depressive recession, many people are jobless, and those who are lucky enough to have a job have to work longer hours and often 6 days per week. The intense competition for jobs, lack of employment opportunities and the low level wages given, are all contributing in a negative way to the typical Spanish lifestyle. People cannot afford to take time off work for Siesta, they cannot afford to go partying all night, they can barely afford to own a car if unemployed. And things are only going to get worse…

According the INEM, Spanish Institute of Unemployment, 23.6% of Spain’s population is unemployed, while Youth-Unemployment  has reached a very worrying 56.17%.   

Spanish Lifestyle really is changing due to the crisis; without a doubt. The problem of unemployment makes the people more conscious about going out for dinner on a Saturday night and after to a nightclub which might be costing them 100 Euros per night, instead they tend to go for some tapas and spent only 10-20 Euros and be in bed at 11:00 pm.

Maybe unsurprisingly, more than 200 young Spaniards are leaving Spain each day (2013 stats) in search of better employment opportunities and lifestyles overseas. Years ago, university students, graduates and young people used to fill the famous squares of Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia partying until 4:00 and 5:00 am. Now, times have changed.

Young generations are experiencing a different lifestyle than their past generations. The siesta is a luxury pleasure nowadays. The climate of unemployment and misfortune means Spaniards have to give up some activities altogether.