The Dancing Traffic Light That Makes Your Commute to Work Safe and Fun

Let’s face it. Nobody likes to wait at the pedestrian lights, especially if you are a commuter going to work. You will more likely ignore the “red man” in order to cross the road sooner and clock in as early as possible. This mentality makes traffic lights the most dangerous spots in the city.

Well, the creative minds at Smart, the car manufacturer, have introduced a clever way of guiding pedestrians safely across the street, tempting them to throw a dance party! They devised the dancing traffic light which entertains pedestrians while waiting for the green signal that enables them to cross the road. Instead of displaying the static red man, the lights feature a real dancing red figure who indicated that pedestrians should wait…and boogie their butts off. The red man’s movements are essentially projections of real movements from people who were dancing in a special dancing booth set up by Smart and ad agency BBDO in a central crosswalk in Lisbon.

This smart example of gamification worked quite well. Instead of crossing the red light, people not only waited and watched at the dancing traffic light but some of them danced along to the rhythm of the dancing red man, adding a bit of entertainment to their daily commute.

According to Smart, the Dancing Traffic Light caused 81% more pedestrians to stop and wait for the green light than standard red lights.

Watch this video to get an idea of how this brilliant initiative made waiting at the pedestrian lights an enjoyable and amusing chore…



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