The Different Sources to Use When Looking For Employment

Making use of every resource available to you is vital in finding employment quickly and efficiently. When looking for a job, there are range of tools and resources available to you that can be used to support you throughout your employment search. Making use of these resources is vital in achieving recruitment success. Whether you are currently working, unemployed or in education, the process of finding employment and applying for a job must be carried out correctly, in order to achieve recruitment success. 

It is fundamental to research every possible source of information available to you during your search. When applying for a position, it is vital to submit a professional and well-prepared CV that has been tailored to the job you are applying for.

To achieve employment success you therefore need to identify the difference resources that are available to you:


Websites are the most resourceful tool that an individual can use when looking for employment. There are a number of websites that enable you to upload your CV and have it viewed by potential recruiters. The internet also features thousands of recruitment websites that you can sign up to in order to receive notifications of job opportunities that meet your criteria. 


Newspapers are still a valued tool for finding employment and oftentimes feature entire sections dedicated to job vacancies. Many businesses make use of local and national newspapers as a way to advertise vacancies. Other forms of print media are also used by recruiters, such as magazines, newsletters and trade journals. Trade journals are useful in that they target specific industries and areas of your interest.

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies perform the recruitment and selection processes on behalf of companies. By signing up to a number of recruitment agencies, you will have the opportunity to present yourself in a positive light. Most recruitment agencies will invite you in for an interview and it is therefore imperative that you dress for the occasion, have your CV up to date and are fully prepared with answers to typical career-focused questions.

Recruitment agencies have a wide pool of resources and in many cases the jobs that they have available are not advertised elsewhere. Recruitment agencies are also advantageous as they can recommend alternative courses of action that you can take to enhance your chances of employment success.

Notice boards

Notice boards are a simple and easy way of accessing information and keeping people informed. Shop windows and major retailers often feature jobs within their windows or notice boards, and are a useful way of discovering the latest job postings. Notice boards are particularly useful for students or for those who are looking for part-time work.


It is imperative to check company websites for job opportunities. As vacancies are oftentimes only advertised on a company’s website, it is important to regularly check the websites of companies that are relevant to your area of work.

Personal contacts


Personal contacts are often overlooked but they are an extremely practical way of finding employment. Many jobseekers will have been developing their personal networks for a good many years and when the times comes, having a decent network is a person’s main support.