The Entrepreneurship Cycle of Emotions [Video]

It takes a lot of hard work to be an entrepreneur and feels like you are constantly on an emotional roller-coaster. How is it possible to handle this?   

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job. Quite the contrary, there are many ups and downs. Making the decision to become an entrepreneur means that you have chosen to accept uncertainty and the fact that you may end up broke if your business fails. But, this helps to create a cycle of emotions that entrepreneur James Stew calls the 21 Shades of Entrepreneurial Emotion, where enthusiasm can easily turn to anxiety, back to enthusiasm again and then lead to frustration and disappointment.

This video from Entrepreneur explains these ‘shades of emotion’ that only entrepreneurs get to experience on a daily basis. Most of these emotions are caused because entrepreneurs often go through phases of self-doubt and reflection and find themselves in extremely stressful situations.

Check out this video to see what emotions entrepreneurs really go through and maybe you'll think twice about becoming an entrepreneur. Would you be able to handle it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below…