The First Five Hires you Must Consider for your Small Business Start-up

Most small businesses begin as a one-man show. The business founder initially handles a lion’s share of the tasks, ranging from sales calls, financial care and other things. However, as business picks up, it would only be smart on your part to make suitable hires, even if it means spending more. Otherwise, you may end up losing important opportunities and market timing.

According to the CEO of Spark Hire, Josh Tolan, small businesses must begin with core set of recruitments which is important to get your business off the ground. Based on recommendations from various career and HR experts, here are the most important hires you may consider for your small business.

1)      Product Manager

It is important to hire a specialist product manager before your business gains traction. You need to look for people who know your product or service thoroughly. Mike Pugh, VP of marketing, j2 Global,         says a product or service is the core of any business and there must be someone in your business adding more value to it. Your product specialist must be able to understand and demonstrate the importance of your product, explain customers how it is manufactured, the advantages you have over competitor products and other attractive details.

2)      Marketing Executive

After you setup a business and properly understand what its target is, your next responsibility would be to find an adroit marketer. Your marketer must be someone who knows how to target customers and make them understand why your product makes a difference to them. As Pugh puts it, you will need someone who takes your vision and articulates them through words.

Sometimes, the whole team must respond to marketing calls but it is crucial to hire a marketer who understands a range of mediums like television, social media, blogging, print ads etc. He may switch to a specific medium after determining the most effective one.

As per Mary Ellen Slayter, career expert working in Monster, you are better off hiring individuals who have proven flexibility and aptitude based on their previous experience. Do not look for candidates with higher degrees or from celebrated universities, as they may not always be fond of startup organizations. They may not show interest for long time positions.        

3)      Accountant


An accountant can definitely ease your burden, once your business reaches certain growth levels. Slayter says, worrying about your accounting assignments is not a mission that will help your business. You are better off hiring someone for this task.

In case you do not have much to do with your accounting, you can use your accountant for other works including auditing tasks, data preparation and financial reports. Involve him in marketing tasks, business development activities, sales and other assignments that need more man power.

4)      Customer support Executive

Many businesses ignore this position. Remember, keeping your existing customers happy is as important as finding new prospects. In fact, your existing customers can be your best marketers in many ways. According to the co-founder of Hyrell, Patrick Clark, it is more expensive to acquire new customers than keeping the existing ones. And the best way to keep existing customers is to pay attention to their product issues. So keep relegating customer complaints and queries on the top rung of your operation.

5)      Human Resources Executive

post vacancies
post vacancies


Whether or not to have this position completely depends on the size and nature of your business. If your company or business is in its expanding mode, then this position is very important. While most business owners start off doing their own recruitments, it would be impossible at a later stage, to handle all the HR tasks relating to hiring, employee benefits and workers satisfaction by themselves.

Depending on the needs and the nature of your business, you might also love to have sales representative or a business development executive. The number of people you need for each of these positions again depends on the size and nature of your business.

 How many hires have you had at the start of your business? Please share your experience in the comment section below.




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